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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hold the presses!

Time out here! Hasn't a mantra of the the leftists in the US and in the DNC been that there is no ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda? Since the US entered Iraq they have constantly repeated that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda or Bin Laden.

According to the the website for the Al Qaeda Organization for Holy War in Iraq...yes, key words there are "Al Qaeda" and "in Iraq" for those of you in VT who want to ignore the truth, they were responsible for Tuesday's car bombing in Hilla that killed 125 people. Their statement reads, "A lion from our martyrdom brigade plunged into a gathering of apostates in front of a police and National Guard registration center, blowing up his loaded car and killing 125 apostates...The blood of the apostates was helping the Americans. They had sold their religion and their honor", according to the Reuters news service.

Hatred for President George W Bush has blinded the liberal faction of our country, and to day they are missing the forest through the trees is a great understatement. These are not "Minute Men" as Michael Moore chose to call them, these are anti-American, anti-democracy, Jihadist thugs who are trying to take over not only Iraq, but the entire middle east...with the funding of people like Usama Bin Laden.

This shows that invading Iraq was the right thing to do in the war on terror, and i'm proud to be American when i see the advances that have been made in that country thanks to the service men and women from the US military who are willing to give their lives for what is right!

Open mouth; insert foot, leg, hip...

OK, i have a confession to make...i get a kick out of Charlie Rangel, the scratchy voiced representative in the House from New York's 15th district. The reason i get a kick out of him is that if anyone can make themselves look like the northbound end of a southbound horse...it's Charlie Rangel.

You might recall a few months ago he presented legislation to the floor of the US House of Representatives that would call for the renewal of the draft. This came after months of him proclaiming in front of every camera that he could find that the President had a secret intention of renewing the draft for the war in Iraq. Thankfully this bill not only was defeated, but soundly defeated on the floor of the House.

But now, our boy Charlie has done it again. Not only has he swallowed his foot, but he worked his way up the leg and probably past the hip when he opened his mouth recently. In a rather pathetic attempt to defend Jacque Chirac and France who refuse to designate the terrorist group Hezbollah as being what the are, terrorists; Rangel said, "To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it's bigoted, it is not the right thing to say. ... We just take for granted that there is an Islamic terror movement because we do have some fanatic people who come from Islamic countries. ... When we had the Ku Klux Klan we didn't call them Baptist terrorists. When Hitler was killing Jews, we didn't call it Christian terrorists." It is obvious why the Federalist Patriot Digest for Feb 25, 2005 gave Rangel the distinction of their "Braying Jackass" award.

The very next day, on Feb 26, World Net Daily reported "The suicide bombing (in Isreal) last night that killed four Israelis and wounded over 50 was funded and directed by Hezbollah forces, which may have paid up to $100,000 for the attack." Isreali sources also report that a group of terrorists that mostly came from the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and some from Islamic Jihad were working for Hezbollah and responsible for the blast. Apparently Hezbollah has created a terror apparatus made up of Palestinian militants in the West Bank, and they are being paid full-time salaries from the group.

WND also reports that one Isreali offical said intercepted bank transactions suggest that Hezbollah has raised its cash offers to Palestinian terrorists and they are now willing to pay as much as $100,000 for homocide bombing attacks, a much larger payout than the previous $20,000 offered by Hezbollah. But don't forget, Hezbollah is NOT a terrorist group...according to Charlie Rangel and French President Jacque Chirac. And my money is on Vanderbilt over Tulane in next year's BCS title game in the Rose Bowl!