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Monday, June 26, 2006

Right to free speech...and support of terror

Well, it looks like the "Old Gray Lady" and their hatred of the Bush Administration is once again putting the war on terror and the safety of our troops in jeopardy.
The New York Times has decided to run yet another leaked story concerning US attempts at espionage that has for the last 5 years kept our country safe from another terrorist attack. On this occasion, the idiots that let the world know about NAS surveillance (which by the way, i'm not worried about since I'M NOT A TERRORIST!) has now published an article telling all of Al-Qaida that their money trail is literally being followed.

Although it is indefensible, NY Times editor Bill Keller attempts to defend this treasonous act by saying, "We remain convinced that the administration's extraordinary access to this vast repository of international financial data, however carefully targeted use it may be, is a matter of public interest..." According to a Fox News Report.

Public interest? This goes beyond public interest you moron! I have no doubt that in some spider hole some where in the mountains of Pakistan you will find Bin Laden and his cronies watching CNN and reading over priced toilet paper like the NY Times and crying out "Praise be to Allah" because even their own "operatives" couldn't get information this juicy.

I am convinced that the NY Slimes not only hates George W Bush...they hate the US and the freedoms we are built upon. And i dare anyone else to prove me wrong!