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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What an endorsement!

The big news today was the major endorsement that THE Hillary received early in this election cycle...what? The United Transportation Union? No, not that one! I meant the endorsement of a Hillary-Obama ticket by the one man in our hemisphere who shares many a political stance as these to democrat heavy weights: none other than Fidel Castro himself!

That's right, the 81 year old Cuban dictator....oops, i meant "duly elected president" of the Caribbean island nation has tipped his hat in favor of Hill the Schrill and Osoma Obama as the next leader of what could become a once great nation if it actually happens. Castro was quoted as saying in the New York Times...oops, my bad again, i meant the Granma (the Cuban Communist Party paper) as saying, "The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate,".

Not that this is unexpected seeing how Castro as referred to Bill Clinton as "really kind", has claimed that President George W Bush stole the 2000 election (hey, they use DNC talking points down there too!) and also names Jimmy Carter as his favorite US President since he himself took control of Cuba in 1959 according to a Reuters report.

So there you go folks, as if the Al Qaida/Taliban endorsements of the democrats in the 2006 midterm elections weren't enough...this is definitely gravy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How low can you go?

Fox News is reporting that the US Congress has earned a record tying low approval rating of 18% according to Gallup. The last time it was this low was in 1992 (another Democrat contolled Congress) in the midst of numerous scandals including (but not limited to) the writing and cashing of bad checks by members of the House.
Well, San Fran Nan did promise a different type of Congress...i just didn't realize that she meant a lot worst.