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Saturday, December 25, 2004


Leave it to Jesse Jackson to prove that no one defines ridiculous quite like him. Since the liberal crowd he chooses to run around with was not able to remove Christ from Christmas, Mr. Jackson, being the consumate opportunist, has now chosen to politicize the birth of our Lord.

Jackson's most recent venture into the land of no nonsense has him comparing the economic policies of President Bush to those the Roman Empire was enforcing upon the Jewish nation at the time of Christ's birth. Recently on pMSNBC Jackson said, "In the last [Bush] budget, we cut housing again, and that was Jesus' dilemma. In Bethlehem, his family ended up homeless." But fear not young grass hopper, he then goes on to add more to this madness by saying, "Rome was a wealthy country that left Jesus and Mary and Joseph, in a sense, homeless," he complained. "He was born an at-risk baby."

Jesus was born as an "at risk baby" due to the GOP like regime of the Roman Empire and their right wing economic policies. For some reason i must have missed this part of the lecture EVERY TIME it was offered during my years in college as a Biblical Studies minor and in the seminary i graduated from that was known as the one of the most academic in the US.

First of all, by saying the Roman Empire was responsible for the manner in which the Christ Child was born totally negates the soveriegnty of God from the picture. God chose to make His presence known in our world, so Christ came, He was "Emmanual" which means "God with us" in Hebrew. God allowed for the cencus to be called for so that His Son may be born in the City of David, which is Bethlehem, as God's Word prophesied; otherwise His birth would have been in Nazareth. And by allowing His Son to enter into our world in the means in which He came, the event could be celebrated by common shephards who God chose to invite to the celebration. God could have chosen the biggest courtyard in all of Jerusalem to send His Son, surrounded by kings, rulers and priests; instead He chose a barn in Bethlehem with sheep herders as a witness. Why? Because God chose to make it that way, not the economic policies of Rome. Obviously New Testament survey and systematic theology was not required when Mr. Jackson received his "ordination" in the mail.

Second, Mr. Jackson may want to brush up on his basic koine Greek to find out that Jesus was not born in a manger due to His family being "impoverished" as he suggests, or even because the inn was full as we have been traditionally taught. A more accurate reading of the text in Greek suggests that the inn keeper's message to Mary and Joseph was that there was no suitable place for them in the inn; meaning they were about to have a baby and an inn in Bethlemen during a census makes a college frat party look tame. Mary and Joseph were not sent away by a cruel heartless inn keeper, more than likely the inn keeper was looking out for their best interests. But then again, I would guess that even learning the Greek alphabet wasn't required for Jesse Jackson's mail order ordination either.

And finally, President Bush and his campaign was accused of successfully "marketing the language of religious values" during this most recent election by Mr. Jackson. No pun intended, but isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Jesse Jackson has stolen millions from hard working Americans and successful American corporations with his lies and distortions, while using "Reverend" in front of his name, as if he is speaking on God's behalf. There is a fine line, in my belief, when it comes to the First Commandment that says, "Do not take the Lord's name in vain"; and saying you are speaking on God's behalf (like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al does) when you really aren't (like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al) is indeed breaking the First Commandment, and it is not a place where i would want to be.

I pray for Jesse Jackson, i pray that he would find the grace and mercy that only Jesus Christ can offer him through salvation; because if you can tell a Christian by his fruits, i'm only seeing dead branches when i look at Jesse Jackson. And i do hope that he finally gets the religious training he needs if he insists on calling himself a "Reverend", or at least try reading his Bible in context for a change.

There you go America, Jesse Jackson, our first 2 time winner of the Most Ridiculous Item of the Week.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A "Blue" Christmas?

Well, it appears that the whiney liberals still haven't realized how out of touch with reality they truly are with the majority of the good old US of A. As if the Hollyweird bunch and their guilt money going to DNC causes wasn't enough to make us sick, now they are trying to encourage a boycott of businesses who have donated a larger portion of their profits to the good guys of the GOP than to the nitwits on the left.

The "Buy Blue" website shows Santa wearing blue to match the blue states which were won by the losing candidate John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential campaign (a reminder that the MINORITY of states and people voted for Kerry) and provides their idea of "Naughty" and "Nice" businesses based on who gave money to which political party. Their "Naughty" businesses include Fruit of the Loom, Cintas, Dollar General and Russell Stovers who each gave 100% of their political donations to Republican causes or PAC's. Also included in this list of vendors and sellers that WE should frequent a lot more often now is Walmart, Kmart, Circuit City, JC Penney, Sears, May Dept stores, The Limited Brand, Saks, Home Depot, Amazon.com, Guess and the Electronics Boutique from the retail world; Outback Steakhouse, Darden Restaurants, Yum Brands, Brinker Intl, and Cracker Barrel make the list for recommended eateries; Holiday Inn, Marriott, and Hilton are must stay hotels; and the list winds up with BP, Exxon/Mobil, Chevron/Texaco, Safeway foods, Publix foods, Halmark Cards and 5 of the major airlines (Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, and American). Once again, each of these companies have been labled as "naughty" by the libs because the larger percentage of their political contributions went to Republican groups (at least 56%). I will also add that Target also donated about 72% of $289K to Republican causes, so i suggest giving them a little bit of a break after Christmas, in spite of the issue with the Salvation Army bell ringers being banned from their stores.

Now, for their "Nice" list, which i would refer to as the "Never allow them to see your hard earned money again" list. Calvin Klein, J Crew, Anne Klein, Skechers, Astrale E Terra Winery, Hardrock Cafe, Triarc Companies (TJ Cinnamons and Arby's), Sonic Drive-ins, Phoenix Gas and Oil, Starbucks, Aloha and Hawaii airlines lead this black list with 100% of their contributions going to democrat or liberal political groups and PACS. Also included in this who's who of worthlessness is Price Club/Costco (98% to DNC), Barnes and Noble (98%), Bed Bath and Beyond ( 97%), Sharper Image (92.4%), Hyatt Hotels (97.8%), Estee Lauder (91%), Jet Blue (74%), and my personal favorite from this list, Shell Oil (56%, yeah it's just the Republicans making money off of the petroleum business, huh?). This donation information comes from The Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission.

I've always been a big fan of Arby's and Sonic, but since they combined for $90K going to DNC campaigns, my taste buds have just had a big change. The rest of these aren't a surprise to me, especially businesses like Starbucks and Barnes & Noble who seem to scream out "liberal" to some extent as soon as you enter through their doors.

Well, if the libs want to make their puny little voices heard, that's fine, let them try; while the rest of America stands strong and drowns them out, the same way we did on November 2, 2004. A boycott by the liberal extremists who are angry about the fact that a Republican is in the White House while Republicans control the congress will probably not effect these businesses enough for me to even bother writing this down in the first place. So, to my friends on the left i say go ahead and boycott all you want, show how little power you nitwits really have!

My question is now, since the left has received so much in donations from wine makers, would they like some cheese to go with their whine?

God bless America!

Friday, December 17, 2004


Just when i thought it might be hard to find something for my Most Ridiculous Item of the Week post, low and behold, someone from the field of public education steps up to make my job a lot easier.
Apparently the Plano Independent School District of Plano, TX has not only banned students from exchanging candy canes from their elementary schools due to the Christian heritage behind them, they have also put a stop to students writing "Merry Christmas" on cards being sent to soldiers overseas (Christmas cards no less). But wait, it doesn't stop there, no no no...remember, they say everything is bigger in Texas. Apparenlty idiocy is also.
The traditional Christmas colors of RED and GREEN have also been banned at school holiday parties due to the fact they represent that "evil" holiday that Christians celebrate to rejoice in the incarnation of Christ. The preferred color is white since it is merely a "winter party" to celebrate the winter break. Once again for those of you in the religion department at Baylor who may be reading this, the colors of RED and GREEN have been banned from this school's holiday celebration because of representing Christmas.

What are these people smoking? Have they fallen so hard for this made up "seperation of church and state" that we have been fed by the ACLU and the like for so long that they have lost all sense of reality. BTW, for those of you at Harvard Law School, if you actually read the constitution you will see an establishment clause that says the government will not establish a state run religion and all peolpe will have the freedom to worship freely, nothing about "seperation of church and state". It would seem to me that if the First Amendment was being violated, it is because we Christians are being forced into a closet and out of the public arena.

The Alliance Defense Fund and the Liberty Legal Institute (both of which do far more good than the ACLU ever did, and without using my tax money!) have filed suit against these morons running the Plano Independent School District. In the meantime, for parents who are in Plano, i suggest a good Christian academy or home schooling.

God bless the USA and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Rejoice in the coming of our Lord and Savior!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Most Ridiculous Item of the Week

Welcome to the newest entry into the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Week" hall of fame, from this point forward, also to be known as MRIW.

Sadly, this weeks item is more of a shame than it is ridiculous. After so many years of doing great work for so many, the Salvation Army will no longer be allowed to place bell ringers in front of Target Department Stores in the US. That's right, the store that once sponsored Christian concerts like Michael W Smith and Amy Grant, is now kicking a great ministry to the curb...and God also, IMHO.

Target said on their website, “Target Corporation has a long-standing ‘no solicitation’ policy at all of our stores. . . . We receive an increasing number of solicitation inquiries from nonprofit organizations and groups each year and determined that if we continue to allow the Salvation Army to solicit, then it opens the door to any other groups that wish to solicit our guests.”
Why do i have the feeling that if a gay rights group or anyone affiliated with a UN charity were to seek permission to "solicit" in front of a Target store, not only would they get the go ahead, they would be welcomed with open arms.

Apparently Target has gotten a little too big for their britches, and they apparently have forgotten that evangelical Christians were a driving force to their success due to their public stance for Christian ministres. The good old days are no more.

My advice, shop else where for your Christmas gifts. I went to our local Walmart yesterday and saw a bell ringer outside, and GLADLY put money into that familiar red kettle. Let's show Target where the power lies as they are the winners of our 2nd Most Ridiculous Item of the Week.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2004 NCAA Bowl Game Preview II...the D returns!

Here is the remainder of my picks in the 2004 NCAA bowl games...

Dec 30, Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte, NC
North Carolina (6-5) vs Boston College (8-3)
As much as a bowl game in the Queen City of Charlotte sounds like a great idea, the fact that it is named after a tire company ruins it.
MY PICK: Decent ACC team against one of the best in the Big East, i'll take UNC in what is basically a home game.

Emerald Bowl from SBC Park in San Francisco, CA
Navy (9-2) vs New Mexico (7-4)
Why does San Francisco have a bowl game????
MY PICK: God bless the USA! Go Navy!

Holiday Bowl from San Diego, CA
Texas Tech (7-4) vs Cal (10-1)
Cal is a bit upset after getting left out of the BCS, which i think is correct.
MY PICK: I think Cal will win, but i'm hoping to see the Red Raiders pull the upset and students at Berkley totally snap and burn the campus down. Ahh, a world without Berkley, is that not a dream come true?

Silicon Valley Classic from San Jose, CA
Troy (7-4) vs Northern Illinois (8-3)
Where do they get the idea that this is a classic, especially with 2 mediocre mid majors?
MY PICK: Hmm, any college basketball games on?

Dec 31, Music City Bowl from Nashville, TN
Bama (6-5) vs Minnesota (6-5)
Two teams barely above .500 from the two best conferences in college football; but its still not going to be a game worth watching.
MY PICK: Bama by defaut due to being from the SEC.

Sun Bowl from El Paso, TX
Arizona St (8-3) vs Purdue (7-4)
Does the state of TX really need this many bowl games? Purdue started off great, then choked big time, and ASU had no chance in the Pac 10.
MY PICK: Run out to Wal-Mart to get last minute snacks for New Year's Eve.

Liberty Bowl from Memphis, TN
Louisville (10-1) vs Boise State (11-0)
I can't believe this is coming out of my mouth, but this may be the best pre-New Years game. Stafan LeFlors leads the high octane Cardinal offense into the town Elvis built against the upstart Boise State team who had a solid argument for a BCS birth.
MY PICK: Neither team will stop the other's offense, but Boise State's defense may be a little more suspect, UL wins.

Peach Bowl from Atlanta, GA
Miami (8-3) vs Florida (7-4)
Both teams have entered the realm of college football mortality, and neither one likes it. This is a good inter-state match up in a domed neutral field. Both teams have solid QB's with Leak and Berlin, but the edge probably goes to Berlin and the Hurricanes.
MY PICK: Miami pulls it out in a close one.

Jan 1, Outback Bowl from Tampa, FL
Georgia (9-2) vs Wisconsin (9-2)
You miss the BCS and then the next highest payout from the Citrus, and you get the Outback instead...and it's a pretty good match-up. SEC vs Big 10, one of 3 such match ups in this year bowl schedule.
MY PICK: Staying with the SEC, UGA.

Cotton Bowl from Dallas, TX
Tennessee (9-3) vs Texas A&M (7-4)
SEC vs Big 12, big time match up between schools with rich college football histories. This is going to pretty much be a home game for a solid Texas A&M game, while UT never gave up against Auburn in the SEC Championship game.
MY PICK: For this one, i've got to go against the SEC, Aggies win.

Gator Bowl from Jacksonville, FL
West Virginia (8-3) vs Florida St (8-3)
You know, this was always my favorite as a kid because of my fascination with alligators!
MY PICK: It's pretty much a home game for FSU, i'll take the 'Noles.

Capital One Bowl from Orlando, FL
LSU (9-2) vs Iowa (9-2)
Many say this is the best match up outside of the BCS. But since i'm a died in the wool, purple and gold bleeding, life long LSU fan, i only have one thing to say...

Rose Bowl, Michigan (9-2) vs Texas (10-1)
Some think it should be Cal instead of UT, i think UT was the right choice.
MY PICK: Big Blue in a close one.

Fiesta Bowl, Pitt (8-3) vs Utah (11-0)
Utes are from a mid major, Pitt is in a conference that should be a mid major...come to think of it, Pitt shouldn't even be in a BCS game.
MY PICK: Utah finishes the season 12-0 and really messes up the BCS!

Sugar Bowl, Virginia Tech (10-2) vs Auburn (12-0)
Read my lips, Auburn should be in the Orange Bowl!
MY PICK: Auburn won't even let it get close.

Orange Bowl, USC (12-0) vs Oklahoma (12-0)
USC is said to have a team comparible to what you would see on an NFL team, while OU is solid all the way around. OU has won the BCS, USC won the AP split of the championship last year with LSU winning the BCS (a TRUE national championship).
MY PICK: Hard fought game that will have the crystal ball returning to Norman, OK for the 2nd time in 4 years, OU wins.

2004 NCAA Bowl Game Preview, part 1

I'm going to stick with my theme of college football here for a couple of more days for 2 reasons. 1. I LOVE college football. There is nothing better than fall college grid iron action! 2. This is my blog, i'll talk about what i want!
Now, what can you expect? I will opine about the bowls that are scheduled, as well as the teams playing to some extent. On top if this, not only will i give my pick for the winner, i will probably give an opinion on what outcome i would like to see. Enjoy!

Dec 14, New Orleans Bowl in New Orleans, LA
Southern Miss (6-5) vs North Texas (7-4)
North Texas was the winner of the "mighty" Sun Belt Conference while Southern Miss finished in a 3 way tie for third in Conference USA. I am a fan of Southern, and even considered going there for college, but i have NO IDEA why more than 2 teams from Conference USA should be in bowl games. This shows that we have WAY too many bowl games being played.
MY PICK: Southern Miss has played a much tougher schedule and gave Cal a run for their money last week; and with it being in New Orleans it's about as close to a home game as possible for the Golden Eagles; USM wins

Dec 21, Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, FL at the Citrus Bowl
Syracuse (6-5) vs GA Tech (6-5)
The Rambling Wreck from GA Tech finished tied for 6th in the ACC while Syracuse finished in a 4 way dance on top of the Big East. This shows how bad the Big East is without Miami and VA Tech, and i don't expect Lousville and Cincinnati to help it out much next year. This is another one of those, "Why is the game being played again?" bowl games.
MY PICK: 6th in the ACC is probably as good as first in the Big East, i'm going with Tech.

Dec 22, GMAC Bowl from Mobile, AL
Memphis (8-3) vs Bowling Green (8-3)
This may actually be a pretty good match-up between up and coming teams from two mid major conferences. Both teams have good offenses and questionable defenses, so i expect a track meet.
MY PICK: Memphis

Dec 23, Fort Worth Bowl...for some reason, i'm not sure where this one is being played, lol
Marshall (6-5) vs Cincinnati (6-5)
Marshall is returning to the realm of the average mid major, Cincinnati is hit and miss at best. This is another game where i have to question the reason for it.
MY PICK: Marshall

Las Vegas Bowl...can we please get some original names for these pathetic games????
Wyoming (6-5) vs UCLA (6-5)
Imagine this, i really have nothing to say about this game...other than another, "Why?". Wyoming was 4th in the Mountain West Conference and they get a bowl bid, can somebody shoot me?
MY PICK: WHO CARES! UCLA is the current cross town whipping boy for USC, and only 5000 people live in the entire state of Wyoming.

Dec 25, Hawaii Bowl in Honolulu, HI
Hawaii (7-5) vs UAB (7-5)
The artist formally known as the Jeep/Eagle Hula Bowl is now the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl with the hometown Rainbow Warriors hosting.
MY PICK: It's Christmas Eve, i have better things to do with my family than to watch the same old bowl game i never watched when it was on Christmas day with a different name; I'll take my 2 kids and wife.

Dec 27, MPC Computer Bowl in Boise, ID
Virginia (8-3) vs Fresno St (8-3)
Formally known as the Freedom Bowl, or something like that, it is played on the bright blue astro turn of Bronco Statdium at the Univesity of ID. Virginia had a pretty good season and is ranked 18th, i could care less about Fresno State.
MY PICK: College football should not be played on turf unless it is in the Super Dome for the Sugar Bowl, and it SHOULD NOT BE BLUE. I'm hoping a stray stinger missle finds its way from the nearest Air Force base and lands dead center on the 50 yard line before the game begins so that we don't have to see that field; i'll take cancellation.

Motor City Bowl in Detroit, MI
Toledo (9-3) vs U Conn (7-4)
A team from the mid major MAC against a team from the should be mid major Big East, in a city that is not meant to host a bowl game because natural law suggests that all bowl games be played in the South.
MY PICK: Heck, since i haven't picked on in a while, i'll flip for this one...U Conn wins.

Dec 28, Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA
Miami, OH (8-4) vs Iowa St (6-5)
In recent years this has been one of the more entertaining bowl games since it seemed to be a good draw for the SEC. Obviously, no SEC in this one; instead we get the winner of the MAC East Division Miami and the 2nd place team from the Big 12's North Division, the result...i'll probably listen to the USM vs William Carey basketball game on the internet.
MY PICK: Go Crusaders, beat the Eagles...oh, wait, the football game. Hmm, well, my wife's from OH, so i'll take Miami.

Insight Bowl from Tempe, AZ
Notre Dame (6-5) vs Oregon St (6-5)
Notre Dame is coming off the firing of Tyrone Willingham and can't find anyone else to tell them "yes" to coaching them. Oregon St probably has the only field goal kicker worst than LSU. In fact, his 2 missed field goals gave LSU a win on opening night in Death Valley.
MY PICK: Oregon State because Notre Dame doesn't deserve to win after what they did to Willingham.

Dec 29, Houston Bowl from Houston, TX
Colorado (7-5) vs UTEP (8-3)
Colorado managed to squirm their way into a drubbing at the hands of an angry Sooner team in the Big 12 Championship without having any sex charges brought against the players. UTEP found their way into the Top 25 for the first time since Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.
MY PICK: Too many girls for the Buff players to worry about in Houston, i'll take UTEP.

Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, TX
OK State (7-4) vs OH State (7-4)
The Cowboys finished 5th in the Big 12 South and shouldn't be in a bowl game while the Buckeyes tied for fifth with 2 others in the Big 10.
MY PICK: I can't stand OH State, so i'll take the other OSU.

To be continued....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How the mighty have fallen

WARNING: This has really nothing to do with politics or religion. Instead it is about college football which is ALMOST as IMPORTANT! But, fear not young grass hopper, the usual amount of political incorrectness can still be expected! Enjoy my little tangent!
Your ever so humble, but always so right blogger...

This past week Urban Meyer, former Notre Dame assistant coach and now former University of Utah head football coach accepted the position of head coach at the University of Florida. What is a bit shocking about this is the fact that for a long time Meyer has said his "dream job" was to head the Fighting Irish onto the field in South Bend, IN under the shadow of "Touch Down Jesus". When the opportunity came about after an 11-0 season and BCS bowl bid at Utah, Meyer instead chose the fun and the sun of Gainesville, FL.

This brings a few things to mind for me.

First, how Notre Dame chose to basically screw over Tyrone Willingham (who they made such a big deal about hiring in 2001 ) in order to get their boy Meyer on their side. They moved faster than a priest in the Boston Archdiocese who had just spotted a new alter boy to sign Meyer...only to be spurned by him. And now it appears that their next choice, Bobby Petrino of Louisville has also gave them the big let down. I hate to say, "It serves them right", but you know what; IT SERVES THEM RIGHT!
Willingham had a 21-15 record during a time when the power in college football has shifted dramatically. On top of this, Notre Dame was in decline long before the powers that be for Irish football decided to be politically correct by hiring Willingham to begin with. With a record of 6-5 this season, an upcoming bowl bid, and a chance to play his first full recruiting class next season, Notre Dame could have been looking at a turn around in 2005. Instead, they are going to lose recruits, possibly current players, and even more respect due to this decision.

Second, i hope this means the end of NBC's love affair with Notre Dame football. You would think everyone in the United States was either a Notre Dame or Wisconsin fan, considering how much air time each of these teams have received over recent years. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I FIND THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PLAYING FOOTBALL ON MY TV IN SOUTH LOUISIANA EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!!
Sorry, i digressed. The fact is, Notre Dame tends to play a pretty padded schedule, with the exception of their usual rivals (Michigan, USC, etc), and they tend to get spanked in those games (kudos to the Irish for beating UM this year though...another reason why Willingham should not have been fired). Whatever amount of money has passed between Notre Dame and NBC for this contract has caused someone to get ripped off BIG TIME!

Third, i think Meyer should have stayed in Utah. Sure, the Utes had a rare season and we may never see another Mountain West Conference team in the BCS shuffle again. BUT, college football in the state of Florida is on a MAJOR decline. Zook was fired after 4 winning seasons and a 23-14 record...HELLO! You are NEVER going to be Steve Spurrier (have you ever noticed he always looks constipated? Grab some exlax there Steve-o!), and i'm sure some moron has set up at "fireMeyer.com" website already. Records don't matter down in the swamp, only the holy and sacred name of Spurrier matters.
On top of this all three of the major football programs in FL had less than stellar seasons in 2004, going as far as all 3 schools losing on the same Saturday for the first time since the Apostle John was stranded on the island of Patmos. 8-3 Miami had the highest BCS ranking of 14th after losing it's season finale at home, followed by 8-3 Florida State at 16 and 7-4 Florida barely making the cut at 23. USC, LSU and OU are going to once again sit atop the pre-season rankings next year, and Auburn will be a strong contender again also. This means more recruits leaving FL, and more out of state recruits choosing to stay out of FL.

And finally, all of this Notre Dame talk reminds me of the 1997 Independence Bowl where the Irish had a rematch against the mighty Bayou Bengals of LSU, who were seeking to avenge a loss earlier in that season. LSU was sporting non-traditional white helmets and went on to humiliate the Irish by the score of 27-9 in front of a very partisan crowd in Shreveport, LA. I would have to say, this was the beginning of the end of Notre Dame football that we are seeing today.
And as a Tiger fan who bleeds purple and gold, i will close off by saying GEAUX TIGERS!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Methodist Defocking

A lesbian "minister" serving as the Associate Pastor of Philadelphia's First United Methodist Church (UMC) of Germantown had her ministerial credentials lifted this past Thursday for being a homosexual. In a vote of 12-1 the jury made up of 13 UMC clergy found that Elizabeth Shroud had violated the church's Book of Discipline where it says homosexuality is imcompatible with being a minister, and they they voted 7-6 to withdraw her ministerial credientials. The complete article can be read here: http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=domesticNews&storyID=6983764

First problem i see is that even though the UMC's own foundational documents say homosexuality is imcompatible with being a minister, 1 lone clergy member on this jury voted to not only allow someone to violate this rule, but in essence is violating this same rule by allowing it. Next up for defrocking should be this single juror.

Second, the jury's vote was only 7-6 to withdraw this woman's credentials... only 7-6!?!?!?! I'm having visions of Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, "Yeah, Mr President, you broke the law and disgraced the Oval Office, but it's ok...". Not only did this woman commit a sin that the Bible speaks strongly against, but she also violated church protocol. Why are these 6 nitwits not preparing for their own defrocking?

And finally, Ms Stroud said this after her trial had ended, "I feel a lot of sadness but I also feel hope for the future of the church," Stroud said. "I feel that this is a teaching moment for the church."
I will agree with her somewhat, that yes, this is a teaching moment for the UMC. Hopefully they, along with other left leaning denominations (PC-USA, Episcopalian, UCC, etc) will finally decide to return to the truth of the Scriptures and clean house of those heretics, who not only do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but are also leading millions of unknowing church members straight into the pits of hell by their example of what living in sin really is.
And as for it being a teaching moment, it should be a teaching moment for Ms Stroud who needs to spend more time reading and teaching from the Word of God and less time in Reader's Digest as her sole commentary.

I would recommend Ms Stroud, members of First UMC of Germantown, the leadership of the UMC as well as it's members to spend some time in the book of Romans, expecially the first chapter.
Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corrptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures. Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. For they exhanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who is blessed forever. Amen. For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exhanged the natural funciton for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own person the due penalty of their error. And just asthey did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those thigns which are not proper..." Romans 1:22-28, NASB

The Word of God is clear, homosexuality is a sin. Your spin of the above passage is not only wrong...its also a pathetic joke how you try to condone your sinfulness by attempting to change God's unchanging Word.

I pray for the UMC and their future.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Most Ridiculous Item of the Week

Here is the first installment of the Most Ridiculous Item of the Week for Nov 28-December 4. I can't think of a better way to start this off with other than with the person whose picture can be found in the dictionary next to the word "ridiculous"...the left's favorite shake-down artist, Jesse Jackson. NOTE: I will not say "Reverend" out of respect for those clergy who have been ordained by churches and have a real call in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world (neither of which Jesse Jackson fits into).

It appears that Jesse has now moved to northern OH, where politics are known to be as pure as the lakefront in Cleveland. It is from here that he is not only protesting the outcome of the 2004 Presidential election, but is still looking for evidence of disenfranchisement (Jesse, please don't say the word unless you can pronounce it correctly!) from Florida in 2000. By the way, there is no evidence (none, zero, zilch, nada, etc) of the left's alleged disenfranchisement, unless you want to consider the fact that Bush voters were turned away from the polls by the news networks calling FL prematurely and the 1000's of Bush supporting military votes that were not counted.

Jackson has gone as far as to write an editorial entitled, "Kiev? What About Cleveland" (neither of these cities he pronounces correctly either). Here is a litte of his latest rant:

There should be a federal investigation of the vote count in Ohio, with the partisan Secretary of State removing himself from the scene. The vote should be counted – and then a recount should be had in those places where it is possible, supervised by nonpartisan officials.
In Cleveland, Ohio, as in Kiev, Ukraine, citizens have the right to know that the election is run fairly and every vote counted honestly. Citizens have the right to non-partisan election officials who try to facilitate voting, not impede it. Citizens have the right to voting machines that keep a paper record and allow for an independent audit and recount.
This country needs no more Floridas and Ohios. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We call for a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to vote for all U.S. citizens and to empower Congress to establish federal standards and non-partisan administration of elections. Florida's Harris and Ohio's Blackwell are insults to the people they represent, and stains upon the president whose election they sought to insure. Democracy should not be for export only.

First of all, Jesse, you want an investigation...use the over $1 million you just ripped off from investors of Verizon over some made up "discrimination" claim you and your tax exempt thieves stole. Second, to you democracy means one thing: bigger government and larger welfare rolls...we will gladly export that. And finally, why are you sounding more and more like Mush Mouth from the Fat Albert cartoons that i watched as a kid? I think Bill Cosby should sue you for copywrite infringement.

So, lets all cover up our pocket books and congratulate Jesse Jackson, the first winner of Liberal Implosion's Most Ridiculous Item of the Week!

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Stop by a good friends blog here on blogger.com called "Conservative Pajamas" to see his take on Kerry's defeat in last month's Presidential election.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Saying it like it is!

Franklin Graham, son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, is creating quite a reputation for himself...and it's one that some don't like. The younger Rev. Graham's reputation is one of a straight shooter, if you will, where he doesn't mince his words and says what he believes, and he says it with conviction.
For many years now, as a result of his work with Samaritan's Purse, he has been very vocal about the evils of Islam and the dangers that radical followers of this relgion present. NewsMax posted part of an interview that Franklin Graham did with the Los Angeles Slimes...oops, i meant Times, during the recent Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held in the City of Angels:

For Franklin Graham, that includes his opposition to gay marriage and the religion of Islam.The former is contrary to God's law, he said. And though many gay and lesbian couples believe their love is genuine, Franklin told the Times, "there were people who for centuries swore up and down the Earth was flat too.
"God says [homosexuality is] a sin," he continued. "Yet God loves sinners." And God, he stressed, is willing to forgive.
As to Islam, right after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Franklin was quoted on "NBC Nightly News" as saying it was "an evil and wicked religion."
And he still feels that way."I haven't changed my mind," he told the paper. "When people's heads get chopped off and throats are cut and innocent people are murdered and slaughtered, my mind hasn't changed."He added: "I don't believe we should be declaring a war on Muslims. Not at all. We have millions in this country who follow Islam and are good citizens and make their home here and [want] to live in freedom just like anyone else.
"But unfortunately, you don't have that in Saudi Arabia," he said. "You don't have that in any country where Muslims have a majority. Christians, Jews are persecuted and in Saudi Arabia, Christians and Jews predated Muslims.
Thank you Mr Graham for standing up for the truth and standing up for God's word!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Blame Bill Clinton

The libs are have been running around for nearly a month now like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out why they lost the 2004 Presidential election. For the life of them, they just can't figure out how their hatred for President Bush, their lies, and their control of big media could not get the French looking John F-Bomb Kerry and his side kick the Breck girl into the White House. You want to point the finger somewhere, i say blame Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton won the 1992 Presidential Election by less than 7% of the popular vote (By the way, Clinton had only 43% of the vote making him the ONLY President to ever be elected twice without carrying a MAJORITY of the popular vote...that means more people voted against him than for him for those of you living in Broward County, FL), with Ross Perot taking nearly 19% of the popular vote. Basically, Bill Clinton should not have won that election, and probably would have had a pretty good chance of running again and getting elected in 1996 in a race against the probable GOP Nominee Dan Quayle. Which takes me to 2000...

Al Gore had to run with a very big monkey on his back, that being Bill Clinton and his many controversies. If it were not for the early call of FL before half the state was done voting, chances are there would not have been a controversy over who won...Bush would have had a much larger margin (history shows this, Western FL leans Republican), and frustrated voters across the western US who now saw the Presidential race as over may have actually voted instead of going home sulking over "what could have been". No telling HOW many Republicans didn't vote after the networks tried to help Gore steal 2000.

So, with all of this, why do i say "Blame Bill Clinton"? Bill Clinton losing 1992 (like he should have) could have opened the door for him to run again in 1996, or another Democrat "Heavyweight" who would have had a pretty good chance against Quayle (I like Quayle, but he would have never won the White House, sorry). An incumbent in 2000 would have fared much stronger against the upstart George W Bush candidacy, and may have even led to a stronger showing here in 2004 ...where John Kerry could have possibly done much better coming off of a Democrat leaving office.

Liberals and democrats want someone to blame for their losing streak, look no further than your poster-child, Bill Clinton, and i do believe you can find your blame there.

Your humble blogger, Revbeaux


Welcome to my new blog, called "Liberal Implosion". The title is in honor of the many liberal extremists who have been in implosion stage since their hatred for President George W Bush and their lies backfired against them...BIG TIME! Not only was President Bush rightly re-elected, but the GOP also made gains in both the Senate and the House, this is called a MANDATE people!

As for what you can expect, obviously truth will be prevelent here (truth is not something you find on CBSCNNABCNBC, for those of you living in Boston). My own political commentary, which will stand on both God's Holy and Innerant Word, as well as on the Constitution of the United States of America can and should be expected. And finally, in honor of FNC's Bill O'Reilly, i will try to post my own "Most Ridiculous Item of the Week", which will probably highlight some liberal absurdity (i know, there are SO MANY, how can i find just one).

Enjoy your time here, comments will be appreciated, and may God richly bless you and may God continue to bless America!

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