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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Attacks on London

7-7-05, for the people of London and in all of England it will bring them the same feelings that we feel in the US when we think of 9-11-01.
For no reason reason this morning at least 4 explosions, 3 in the Tube and 1 on a double decker bus, rocked London with at least 40 being killed and somewhere near 1000 being injured. A group claiming to be a secret Al-Qaida wing in Europe claims responsibility.

First of all, my heart goes out to the people of London, as well as my prayers. I had the opportunity to spend the day in London in 1993 when i had an 8 hour lay-over at Gatwick Airport enroute to Zimbabwe for a mission trip. I love London and it has been a long time wish for me to go back there and spend more time in that great city.
This was an attack on the people of London by evil people who have no regard for human life and freedom. Their goal is to shut down London first of all economically and then politically by shaking up their way of lives. Their first goal is to bring about the political change we saw in Spain after the 3-11 attacks where a socialist was elected to lead that nation...a socialist who does not have a back bone. A political change of this magnitude in England, and of course in the US is the first goal of these terrorists as a step toward building their own world-wide Islamo-fascist society.

Second, this is not an Islamic issue, this was an attack by hate filled people who have taken the extremist view of their religion to the max. Over the last few weeks i have been studying Islam for a series on sectarian groups at the church i pastor, and i have learned that the rank and file of Islam do not accept people who perform these types of acts as true Muslims.
It is true, Muhammad used wars and attacks to advance the cause of Islam in the early days of this religion; but this is not who the Muslims i have met in my studies and who have worked with at previous jobs are. I would hope and think that these Muslims that i know would be as heart broken over this incident as i and the rest of the free world. For these people "jihad" is not a holy war against the "infidel", but their "jihad" is their personal struggle to become the servant of Allah that their religion calls for.

And finally, the first attack has taken place...let's get ready for the 2nd attack. Do i mean another attack on innocent people causing more death and destruction? No, that is not what i'm referring to. The 2nd attack i'm going watch for will be the attack of the political left in not only America but also in leftist European nations such as France. These are those socialist loving liberals who feel that President Bush and American policies are the blame and root cause for everything that is wrong in our world.
Have no doubt my friends, President Bush and British PM Tony Blair will be blamed for this attack before this week, if not today, for this due to their cooperation in freeing the people in Afghanistan and Iraq from Islamo-fascist rule. Millions of people are free for the first time in their lives and the cowards that don't want these people to be free are willing to shoot innnocent people in the back, like what happened in London today...and the political leftists are going to side with the latter group and take up their cause at the same time.

The same hatred for freedom and peace that drives these Islamo-fascists is the same hatred that drives the American and Euroean left in their attacks on President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. They are driven by their political ideologies that blind them to the truth while these two great leaders are driven by democracy and freedom along with moral clarity to stand for what is right.

My prayers do go out to the people of London as well as PM Blair. He is a tremendous leader for England and a man of conviction, so i applaud him. And may God bless America as we thank Him for the freedom He as given us.