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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Saying it like it is!

Franklin Graham, son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, is creating quite a reputation for himself...and it's one that some don't like. The younger Rev. Graham's reputation is one of a straight shooter, if you will, where he doesn't mince his words and says what he believes, and he says it with conviction.
For many years now, as a result of his work with Samaritan's Purse, he has been very vocal about the evils of Islam and the dangers that radical followers of this relgion present. NewsMax posted part of an interview that Franklin Graham did with the Los Angeles Slimes...oops, i meant Times, during the recent Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held in the City of Angels:

For Franklin Graham, that includes his opposition to gay marriage and the religion of Islam.The former is contrary to God's law, he said. And though many gay and lesbian couples believe their love is genuine, Franklin told the Times, "there were people who for centuries swore up and down the Earth was flat too.
"God says [homosexuality is] a sin," he continued. "Yet God loves sinners." And God, he stressed, is willing to forgive.
As to Islam, right after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Franklin was quoted on "NBC Nightly News" as saying it was "an evil and wicked religion."
And he still feels that way."I haven't changed my mind," he told the paper. "When people's heads get chopped off and throats are cut and innocent people are murdered and slaughtered, my mind hasn't changed."He added: "I don't believe we should be declaring a war on Muslims. Not at all. We have millions in this country who follow Islam and are good citizens and make their home here and [want] to live in freedom just like anyone else.
"But unfortunately, you don't have that in Saudi Arabia," he said. "You don't have that in any country where Muslims have a majority. Christians, Jews are persecuted and in Saudi Arabia, Christians and Jews predated Muslims.
Thank you Mr Graham for standing up for the truth and standing up for God's word!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Blame Bill Clinton

The libs are have been running around for nearly a month now like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out why they lost the 2004 Presidential election. For the life of them, they just can't figure out how their hatred for President Bush, their lies, and their control of big media could not get the French looking John F-Bomb Kerry and his side kick the Breck girl into the White House. You want to point the finger somewhere, i say blame Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton won the 1992 Presidential Election by less than 7% of the popular vote (By the way, Clinton had only 43% of the vote making him the ONLY President to ever be elected twice without carrying a MAJORITY of the popular vote...that means more people voted against him than for him for those of you living in Broward County, FL), with Ross Perot taking nearly 19% of the popular vote. Basically, Bill Clinton should not have won that election, and probably would have had a pretty good chance of running again and getting elected in 1996 in a race against the probable GOP Nominee Dan Quayle. Which takes me to 2000...

Al Gore had to run with a very big monkey on his back, that being Bill Clinton and his many controversies. If it were not for the early call of FL before half the state was done voting, chances are there would not have been a controversy over who won...Bush would have had a much larger margin (history shows this, Western FL leans Republican), and frustrated voters across the western US who now saw the Presidential race as over may have actually voted instead of going home sulking over "what could have been". No telling HOW many Republicans didn't vote after the networks tried to help Gore steal 2000.

So, with all of this, why do i say "Blame Bill Clinton"? Bill Clinton losing 1992 (like he should have) could have opened the door for him to run again in 1996, or another Democrat "Heavyweight" who would have had a pretty good chance against Quayle (I like Quayle, but he would have never won the White House, sorry). An incumbent in 2000 would have fared much stronger against the upstart George W Bush candidacy, and may have even led to a stronger showing here in 2004 ...where John Kerry could have possibly done much better coming off of a Democrat leaving office.

Liberals and democrats want someone to blame for their losing streak, look no further than your poster-child, Bill Clinton, and i do believe you can find your blame there.

Your humble blogger, Revbeaux


Welcome to my new blog, called "Liberal Implosion". The title is in honor of the many liberal extremists who have been in implosion stage since their hatred for President George W Bush and their lies backfired against them...BIG TIME! Not only was President Bush rightly re-elected, but the GOP also made gains in both the Senate and the House, this is called a MANDATE people!

As for what you can expect, obviously truth will be prevelent here (truth is not something you find on CBSCNNABCNBC, for those of you living in Boston). My own political commentary, which will stand on both God's Holy and Innerant Word, as well as on the Constitution of the United States of America can and should be expected. And finally, in honor of FNC's Bill O'Reilly, i will try to post my own "Most Ridiculous Item of the Week", which will probably highlight some liberal absurdity (i know, there are SO MANY, how can i find just one).

Enjoy your time here, comments will be appreciated, and may God richly bless you and may God continue to bless America!

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