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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Attacks on London

7-7-05, for the people of London and in all of England it will bring them the same feelings that we feel in the US when we think of 9-11-01.
For no reason reason this morning at least 4 explosions, 3 in the Tube and 1 on a double decker bus, rocked London with at least 40 being killed and somewhere near 1000 being injured. A group claiming to be a secret Al-Qaida wing in Europe claims responsibility.

First of all, my heart goes out to the people of London, as well as my prayers. I had the opportunity to spend the day in London in 1993 when i had an 8 hour lay-over at Gatwick Airport enroute to Zimbabwe for a mission trip. I love London and it has been a long time wish for me to go back there and spend more time in that great city.
This was an attack on the people of London by evil people who have no regard for human life and freedom. Their goal is to shut down London first of all economically and then politically by shaking up their way of lives. Their first goal is to bring about the political change we saw in Spain after the 3-11 attacks where a socialist was elected to lead that nation...a socialist who does not have a back bone. A political change of this magnitude in England, and of course in the US is the first goal of these terrorists as a step toward building their own world-wide Islamo-fascist society.

Second, this is not an Islamic issue, this was an attack by hate filled people who have taken the extremist view of their religion to the max. Over the last few weeks i have been studying Islam for a series on sectarian groups at the church i pastor, and i have learned that the rank and file of Islam do not accept people who perform these types of acts as true Muslims.
It is true, Muhammad used wars and attacks to advance the cause of Islam in the early days of this religion; but this is not who the Muslims i have met in my studies and who have worked with at previous jobs are. I would hope and think that these Muslims that i know would be as heart broken over this incident as i and the rest of the free world. For these people "jihad" is not a holy war against the "infidel", but their "jihad" is their personal struggle to become the servant of Allah that their religion calls for.

And finally, the first attack has taken place...let's get ready for the 2nd attack. Do i mean another attack on innocent people causing more death and destruction? No, that is not what i'm referring to. The 2nd attack i'm going watch for will be the attack of the political left in not only America but also in leftist European nations such as France. These are those socialist loving liberals who feel that President Bush and American policies are the blame and root cause for everything that is wrong in our world.
Have no doubt my friends, President Bush and British PM Tony Blair will be blamed for this attack before this week, if not today, for this due to their cooperation in freeing the people in Afghanistan and Iraq from Islamo-fascist rule. Millions of people are free for the first time in their lives and the cowards that don't want these people to be free are willing to shoot innnocent people in the back, like what happened in London today...and the political leftists are going to side with the latter group and take up their cause at the same time.

The same hatred for freedom and peace that drives these Islamo-fascists is the same hatred that drives the American and Euroean left in their attacks on President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. They are driven by their political ideologies that blind them to the truth while these two great leaders are driven by democracy and freedom along with moral clarity to stand for what is right.

My prayers do go out to the people of London as well as PM Blair. He is a tremendous leader for England and a man of conviction, so i applaud him. And may God bless America as we thank Him for the freedom He as given us.

Monday, June 20, 2005

This really sickens me

I'm going to stray a bit from the political talk for a moment to share something that absolutely makes me SICK!

I'm on vacation in Cincinnati with my wife and kids, visiting my in-laws for a week, and came here looking for a chance to just relax and get our minds off things.

Sadly, my mind has been boggled by the news we heard tonight on a local news station of a 9 year old girl being raped by a neighbor in a vacant house near her home. After this sick and twisted attack occured this poor little victim ran home naked, and i'm sure with a broken spirit that only God will be able to heal, to let her parents know what took place. Her dad quickly ran to this empty house, according to WLWT News in Cincinnati and found the suspect laying in a bed naked before he called 911.

I have a little girl who will be turning 8 years old in just a couple of months, and when i hear of things like this it not only turns my stomach, but it causes me to think, "What if this happens to my baby girl." I have no idea what has to be going through the sick and twisted mind of a person who can take a sweet little girl like this 9 year old victim and totally destroy her life the way he did. How can people hurt children this way...i really have no idea how.

As of now the suspect is on the run, he managed to escape as the victim's father called 911 and somehow managed not to hurt, maim or kill this low life...and he may be a much better man than i am, because i don't think i would have been able to do that.

My prayers are first for this little girl who will need a miracle from God to heal her from this pain that has been brought upon her for no reason what so ever other than the fact that we live in a sinful world and there are evil people in it. I also pray for this little girls dad, as a daddy myself, i have no idea what he is going through, but i will lift him up none the less. And as for this individual (i just can't bear calling him a "man" for doing what he has done) i pray that no harm does come to him, but that some how and some way God manages to find him in spite of his evil and sinful nature and will save his soul...and i'll leave it at that. May God truly find mercy upon him, because he isn't finding it here in Cincinnati, OH.

Now for the political commentary on this...the reason garbage like this and what we have seen in places like Florida takes place is because of the judicial crisis we ARE facing! We have worthless judges on the bench (who think it is actually a throne) that spend more time making victims out of criminals or trying to make laws instead of ruling on the law like they were hired to do. News flash here: The judicial nominees of President Bush who are constructionalists (meaning that they actually agree with the Constitution and what it stands for) are not the activists, these idiots down in Florida and elsewhere who will allow predators to walk the streets with a slap on the wrist are the activists.

May God bless America, because that is truly our ONLY hope!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is TOO MUCH!

OK, it's been over a month, but i read something this morning that i could not help but comment on.

Apparently MTV hosted an awards dinner last night based off their "Rock the Vote" campaign, which is basically a liberal front to encourage brainwashed teens and young adults to vote for the most convenient leftist in each election. This "Rock the Nation" dinner, which was hosted by former Republican Senator and VP Candidate Jack Kemp and former DNC Chief Liar (AKA Chairman) Terry McAwful gave awards to what they considered to be well deserving members of the Washington elite.

Two of the award winners were current US Senators John "Wayne" McCain (RINO-AZ) and Barak Obama (D-IL), as if Obama has made any significant impact since being elected after the Republicans basically threw in the towel in that state back in November. But this is OK, they want to honor these two nitwits, that is fine with me...but what came next is what really got me.

Former President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton was given a lifetime achievement award that was meant to "honor an individual who has always made reaching out to people and appealing to their values a primary part of his efforts to make the world a better place" according to the CNS News Service . For those of you who from Baltimore City schools, let me assure that what you read is correct: Bill Clinton received an award that was for "Values".

So, this got me thinking about some of the "values" from the Clinton White House that i'm glad my children were much to young to understand while this man of "values" was in office.

* Smoking pot is OK, as long as you don't inhale. And if it becomes an issue, wish that you would have at least inhaled.

* Adultery is fine as long as your wife will tolerate it, and especially if it boosts her own career and aspirations.

* There is nothing wrong with white collar theft related to bogus land sales, and because it happened in the past it should not effect the present.

* Larry Flynt is a really sweet guy, and he is just misunderstood by the Religious Right. Just because he is the largest peddler of hardcore pornography in the country, that doesn't make him a bad guy.

* You should always attempt to destroy the reputation of those who come against you (insert any of his affairs here), and if it looks like that won't work then take it as far as necessary (i could mention Vince Foster here, but won't...ooops! Too late, i already did!)

* When in doubt, lie with a straight face and a sturn look...and if it comes back around, show a little regret as you "apologize" for a little "untruth" (but not what you lied about) and shed a tear if necessary. Oh yeah, make sure your "loving" and "supportive" wife is by your side.

* And of course, let us not forget the fact that we have a whole generation of young people who do not see anything wrong with oral sex because it isn't really sexual intercourse, and you really have to define "is". Not only that, but now inappropriate behavior in an office is now referred to as getting a "Lewinsky", a reputation that i'm sure Monica was looking for when she went as an intern in the White House.

To make a long story short (i know, too late), Bill Clinton should not be receiving any type of award or acknowledgement for being a person with values. Thanks to him, the media, and the DNC we are seeing a whole generation of young people coming up that no longer accepts right for right and wrong for wrong, all because the leader of the free world showed them that this was the case.

I pray for Bill Clinton, that some how he would see the sins of his life and seek God's forgiveness and repentance.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hold the presses!

Time out here! Hasn't a mantra of the the leftists in the US and in the DNC been that there is no ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda? Since the US entered Iraq they have constantly repeated that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda or Bin Laden.

According to the the website for the Al Qaeda Organization for Holy War in Iraq...yes, key words there are "Al Qaeda" and "in Iraq" for those of you in VT who want to ignore the truth, they were responsible for Tuesday's car bombing in Hilla that killed 125 people. Their statement reads, "A lion from our martyrdom brigade plunged into a gathering of apostates in front of a police and National Guard registration center, blowing up his loaded car and killing 125 apostates...The blood of the apostates was helping the Americans. They had sold their religion and their honor", according to the Reuters news service.

Hatred for President George W Bush has blinded the liberal faction of our country, and to day they are missing the forest through the trees is a great understatement. These are not "Minute Men" as Michael Moore chose to call them, these are anti-American, anti-democracy, Jihadist thugs who are trying to take over not only Iraq, but the entire middle east...with the funding of people like Usama Bin Laden.

This shows that invading Iraq was the right thing to do in the war on terror, and i'm proud to be American when i see the advances that have been made in that country thanks to the service men and women from the US military who are willing to give their lives for what is right!

Open mouth; insert foot, leg, hip...

OK, i have a confession to make...i get a kick out of Charlie Rangel, the scratchy voiced representative in the House from New York's 15th district. The reason i get a kick out of him is that if anyone can make themselves look like the northbound end of a southbound horse...it's Charlie Rangel.

You might recall a few months ago he presented legislation to the floor of the US House of Representatives that would call for the renewal of the draft. This came after months of him proclaiming in front of every camera that he could find that the President had a secret intention of renewing the draft for the war in Iraq. Thankfully this bill not only was defeated, but soundly defeated on the floor of the House.

But now, our boy Charlie has done it again. Not only has he swallowed his foot, but he worked his way up the leg and probably past the hip when he opened his mouth recently. In a rather pathetic attempt to defend Jacque Chirac and France who refuse to designate the terrorist group Hezbollah as being what the are, terrorists; Rangel said, "To call it Islamic terror is discriminating, it's bigoted, it is not the right thing to say. ... We just take for granted that there is an Islamic terror movement because we do have some fanatic people who come from Islamic countries. ... When we had the Ku Klux Klan we didn't call them Baptist terrorists. When Hitler was killing Jews, we didn't call it Christian terrorists." It is obvious why the Federalist Patriot Digest for Feb 25, 2005 gave Rangel the distinction of their "Braying Jackass" award.

The very next day, on Feb 26, World Net Daily reported "The suicide bombing (in Isreal) last night that killed four Israelis and wounded over 50 was funded and directed by Hezbollah forces, which may have paid up to $100,000 for the attack." Isreali sources also report that a group of terrorists that mostly came from the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and some from Islamic Jihad were working for Hezbollah and responsible for the blast. Apparently Hezbollah has created a terror apparatus made up of Palestinian militants in the West Bank, and they are being paid full-time salaries from the group.

WND also reports that one Isreali offical said intercepted bank transactions suggest that Hezbollah has raised its cash offers to Palestinian terrorists and they are now willing to pay as much as $100,000 for homocide bombing attacks, a much larger payout than the previous $20,000 offered by Hezbollah. But don't forget, Hezbollah is NOT a terrorist group...according to Charlie Rangel and French President Jacque Chirac. And my money is on Vanderbilt over Tulane in next year's BCS title game in the Rose Bowl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

He hath returneth...

After a funeral, a nasty cold (that i still haven't totally recovered from) and a wedding, i'm finally getting my life back in order again...or at least it appears that i'm getting my life back in order. And i'm FINALLY getting to update my blog!

Sadly, i must admit, that i hate to even have to mention this taking place, but thanks to our friends at the NEA and the DNC, it has. US Army Pfc Rob Jacobs recently received a packet of letters from a 6th grade class at Brooklyn's Junior High School 51; something that should make any military man or woman serving abroad smile...or at least it should. Rather than get encouraged and uplifted by students back home, instead he was sprayed with the venom that is being forced into the minds of many of our students in the US public school system.

Apparently the students of Alex Kunhardt took his anti-war, blame the US, extremist liberal propaganda to heart and let Pfc Jacobs know how he...i mean "they" felt about the US military action in the Middle East. One muslim student, who gets a double dipping of hate in his local mosque told Pfc Jacobs, "Even thoe [sic] you are risking your life for our country, have you seen how many civilians you or some other soldier killed?" and "I know your [sic] trying to save our country and kill the terrorists but you are also destroying holy places like Mosques", according to The Conservative Voice. Long gone are the days of honoring our troops and celebrating our great country in public schools.

Gary Bauer adds that one student told Pfc Jabobs that he was "being forced to kill innocent people" and then threw more salt on the wound by challenging him to name one Iraqi terrorist because she knew that she couldn't. Another young lady with a mind filled with this mush said, "I strongly feel this war is pointless", which i am sure is the exact same words she heard her instructor say as he gave his opinion on the war on terrorism. But not to be undone, another student told Pfc Jacobs that "only 50 or 100 [soldiers] will survive" due to the re-election of President George W. Bush, i'm just not sure if this was verbatim from what he heard his instructor say or not.

Pfc Jacob's response to this was, "It's hard enough for soldiers to deal with being away from their families, they don't need to be getting letters like this," in a phone interview from his base at Camp Casey with The New York Post. He went on to add, "If they don't have anything nice to say, they might as well not say anything at all." Now it is also important to note that Camp Casey is not even in Iraq, in fact Camp Casey is located in Tongduchon, Korea approximately forty miles North of Seoul. That's right, a US soldier who is stationed in Korea is being accused of killing innocent people in Iraq while he destroys mosques...because of the hatred of one instructor for the US military, our President, and our country.

This sickens me. My heart goes out to Pfc Jacobs as well as the thousands of other brave US military men and women who are putting their lives on the line to not only protect our country...the greatest country on God's green earth, as well as trying to provide democracy to those who have been oppressed for so long. I'm not sure if Pfc Jacobs or any other soldier fighting for the US will ever read this blog or not, but no matter what, i just want to say a very heart felt "Thank You!" to all of you for all that you do. God bless you, your families and the USA.

Sadly, this doesn't end with this single atrocity taking place...should you do a search on an internet search engine, such as Yahoo or Google, to find news on this; very little will be found. The mainstream media would not dare take on a public school official who basically has the same skewed point of view that they have. Needless to say, thank God for Fox News, conservative talk radio and pajama clad bloggers around the world who are willing to fight for truth, justice and the American way!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Let Freedom Ring...in Iraq

For the first time in nearly a generation, the people of Iraq were able to vote in a legitimate election. Previously, Iraqi "Election Day" consisted of 2 options; 1) Vote for Saddam Hussein, or 2) Have your voting hand cut off. Celebrating their new found freedom, at least 60% of the country's registered voters turned out, despite threats of violence by terrorist thugs, to make their voice heard on a world-wide stage. Many of these brave, democracy craving, freedom loving people had to walk...yes WALK for hours just to vote; and to think many Americans complain about having to wait in line for 10 minutes just vote.

President Bush, the chief architect of this historic day, quickly called the vote in Iraq a "resounding success" that surpassed all expectations. After the polls closed the President said, "The world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East...In great numbers and under great risk, Iraqis have shown their commitment to democracy. By participating in free elections, the Iraqi people have firmly rejected the anti-democratic ideology of terrorists" according to the Washington Post. He went on to add that the Iraqi people have "taken rightful control of their country's destiny . . . and they have chosen a future of freedom and peace." Amen Mr. President, Amen.

Of course, for the bitter liberal faction in the US who still think they speak for the majority of Americans, good news is actually bad news for them. John F-Bomb Kerry (D-France), the loser of the 2004 Presidential Election told the AFP, "No one in the United States should try to overhype this election", and then continued on his pro-UN/France rhetoric by saying, "It's going to take a massive diplomatic effort and a much more significant outreach to the international community than this administration has been willing to engage in. Absent that, we will not be successful in Iraq." Do these people EVER give up? I guess they just don't liker the fact that this is the 2nd election that they have lost in the last 3 months.

Of course, this comes on the heels of Ted "Hiccup" Kennedy (D-Cheers) making himself look like the northbound end of a southbound jackass in front of a crowd of students at Johns Hopkins University. The Baltimore Chronicle reports that Sen. Hangover said, "We now have no choice but to make the best we can of the disaster we have created in Iraq. The current course is only making the crisis worse." Only to a liberal democrat can millions of people voting for freedom and against tyranny be a "disaster".

Perhaps Sen. Kennedy (Hiccup) should talk to the sitting mayor of Baghdad, Iraq about the disaster that has been created there. The New York Post reports that Mayor Ali Fadel said, "We will build a statue for Bush...He is the symbol of freedom." Mayor Fadel, knowing that they still have a long way to go, also said, "We have a lot of work and we are especially grateful to the soldiers of the U.S.A. for freeing our country of tyranny."

It appears that Ali Fadel and millions of FREE Iraqis have a lot more clue than over 50 million Americans who can't see the forest through the trees and voted for Kerry in November 2004.

History was made today thanks to President George W Bush, the brave US soldiers who have sacrificed their lives, and to the millions of Americans who chose to keep President Bush in the White House for 4 more years.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Finally, over a week after Condoleeza Rice was confirmed by the Senate Foreign Relations committee to become the new Secretary of State (the only "nays" received were from Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, so it basically was a unanimous vote), she finally received an up and down vote on the US Senate floor. She won Senate approval by an overwhelming 85-13 vote in her favor.
Under the leadership of WV Sen Robert "KKK" Byrd, a vote on the first FEMALE AFRICAN AMERICAN candidate for Secretary of State was held up for purely political reasons. Why do the people who say they are "for the working man and for the minorities" balk everytime they have a chance to do something meaningful? Dr. Rice is perhaps the most qualified person EVER to be nominated for this position, and a small group of hate filled liberals decided to not only hold up her appointment, but even go as far as to make "protest votes" against her.

Voting against Dr. Rice on the left were Akaka (HI), Boxer (CA), Grand Wizard Byrd (WV), Dayton (MN), Durbin (IL), Harkin (IA), Jumpin Jim Jeffords (I is for Independent and not Idiot, VT), Kennedy-hiccup (Cheers), Kerry (France), Lautenburg (NJ), Levin (MI), Reed (RI), and Evan Bayh (IN).
What shocked me first of all about this vote was that the Hillary actually voted FOR Dr. Rice, my guess is that this is another attempt by her to move to the center in hopes of running for the White House in 2008. The next surprise was Sen. Bayh's vote against Dr. Rice. This too i believe is a move for him toward the 2008 primary season; he has historically been more of a centrist as a democrat, this may very well be his first move toward the left and toward the heart of the liberal extreme.
As for the rest of these yo-yo's, all i can say is that they are the usual suspects you would see in a police line-up for stupid and very self centered politics. Kerry and Kennedy (Hiccup) are still bitter about the fact that neither of them have ever been in the White House as nothing other than a guest, so anything the President presents will get a "nay" vote. Byrd, Lautenburg and Levin are among those that would be expected to actually make intelligent, knowledge based votes since they have all sold their souls to the devil in order to be in Senate for way too long. Dayton was a bit more vocal than i would have guessed, but i think he is fearing for his seat after seeing how close the democrat stronghold of MN was in the past election, and after seeing his mentor Walter Mondale get his tail whipped a couple of years ago.

Dr. Rice is going to be a tremendous Secretary of State, and is more than qualified for not only this position, but also to be in the Oval Office in the future. My hats off to those democrat Senators who crossed the aisle to do what was right. For the rest of you jokers, you are my Most Ridiculous Item of the Week!

Monday, January 24, 2005

A day of mourning

Today in Washington DC and through out the United States pro-life Americans are marking the 32nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that was issued on January 23, 1973. Although the actual actual anniversary date was yesterday, it is being marked today while lawmakers are at work, so that they can see where the core of America stands on this decision.

Unlike most anniversaries, this one is not worth celebrating since the the Roe decision allowed for abortion on demand, and has led to the deaths of nearly 47,000,000 unborn babies. In 32 short years, an entire generation of Americans have been denied the rights of LIFE, liberty, and a chance to pursue happiness because of their premature murders. For some, like those who feel that the life of a tree is more important than the life of a child, this is a cause to rejoice because of a "woman's right to her own body"; but for me and millions of others, i can't help but think about the painful way these babies were destroyed in their mother's wombs and never given a chance at life.

Yet, i still find hope due to the expected changes in the Supreme Court, as well as President Bush's re-election and the GOP majority in the Senate. It is well known that Chief Justice William Rehnquist is recovering from thyroid cancer, and at the age of 80, is not expected to remain on the Court much longer. Along with Chief Justice Rehnquist, 3 other Justices have also fought cancer in recent years, and only Justice Clarence Thomas is under the age of 65. As few as 2 and as many as 4 vacancies on the high court can be expected within the next couple of years.
Having a President who has been a greater supporter of the sanctity of life than many of us expected (myself included) is the starting point for seeing a possible reversal of Roe, one that was thought never possible at one time. A growing majority in the Senate, where obstructionists are still recovering from black-eyes recieved last year (that includes Tom Daschle's seat being taken by a Republican), has the left with their backs against the walls when it comes to filling vacant judicial seats ASAP.

Having either Justice Thomas or Justice Antonin Scalia named as Chief Justice of the high court, as is expected, along with at least 2 strong pro-life judges being added, gives hope of seeing the barbaric practice of abortion of demand being made illegal. This of course has the left running around like chickens with their heads cut off. NARAL Pro-Choice (in their) America has projected that 19 states would quickly outlaw abortion, and 19 more might follow suit, if Roe v. Wade were overturned. This to me is good news, but would be better news if the same could be expected in the other 12 states. But as long as we have VT, MA and CA in our union, we really can't expect them to do what is right on their own.

My thoughts are on the 47 million babies who have been murdered over the last 32 years, and my prayer is that 47 million more babies will be given the gift of life over the next 32 when Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


With so much focus on President Bush and his inauguration for his much deserved 2nd term in the Oval Office, it was hard for the libs to get a word in edge wise...but leave it to Hillary Clinton to stand up and have her schrill be heard.

Hillary, being the utmost political opportunist, has apparently realized that the American people do tend to be a bit more religious than she and her other Socialist buddies are. For this reason she decided to begin invoking the name of God, or at least the name of her god, during a speech in Boston this past week. The former student of Marx now claims that she has "always been a praying person", and also believes that society should encourage religious people to "live out their faith in the public square." Of course, if this includes fighting abortion, homosexual marriage, etc...leave your Bible thumping, right-winged, close minded self at home.

She also decided to show that she is just an "average person" by using a popular reality show to push through her political propaganda in an interview with the Rochcester Democrat and Chronicle. In this article, the former First Lady and NY Senator accused President Bush of using a "Fear Factor" as his "overriding strategic approach that this administration uses." This is coming from the same person who for 8 years, along with her husband in the White House, and for the last 4 years in the Senate, has been the poster child for fear tactics. It was Bill Clinton and company whose motto was "The only thing we have to fear, is what we thing you should fear."

My reaction to all of this is the same as NY State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik, who told the Democrat and Chronicle, "Before she mouths off, where are the 200,000 jobs she promised upstate?" In other words, Senator Clinton, why not trying to work for the people for a change?

There it is, Hillary Clinton, the latest addition to the Most Ridiculous Item of the Week for Liberal Implosion.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Proud to be an American

I took the opportunity to witness President George W Bush accept the oath of office on the steps of the Capital today, officially beginning his second term in office as Commander in Chief of this great land of ours. As he repeated those solemn words in the presence of Chief Justice William Rehnquist i could not help but think of how great it is to be an American.

Early on in his acceptance speech, President Bush reminded those who were witnessing this historic occassion of the fact that he is the right man to be in the White House at this time in history. In stating, "At this second gathering, our duties are defined not by the words I use, but by the history we have seen together", it was a reminder that this President not only led us through the bloodiest attack on our soil in the history of our great land, he has also done something about it instead of just waiting around for another attack.

Those who choose to stand against the President in our war on terror have always been on the wrong side of history, and they have shown that they intend to stay on that wrong side of history. During the ceremony i noticed John Kerry in attendence, the very poster child for being on the wrong side of history. Up to the days before this great occassion, Kerry continued with his undue attacks on President Bush and the policies that have protected us over the last 4 years, as well as returned us to being a great nation again.

Not everyone in Washington today were there to celebrate a well deserved 4 more years in office that President Bush rightly won. Some protestors, who have apparently forgot about the years of 1992-2000, carried signs that called President Bush is the "worst President ever". If these poor people only knew how good they had it. If they hate this country so much, they are more than welcome to leave.

Protests even took place in cities outside of the nation's capital also. One such protestor in Palo Alto, CA said, “We’re objecting to Bush being reinstalled as president of the United States. He’s illegitimate." Apparently she has been in a coma since the November election, if not since 2000 when the President won that election with a clear victory in Florida, which gave him the victory in the electoral college. I'm not sure where these people are getting their Kool-Aid from, but i do hope they stay as far away from me as possible.

When in doubt though, we know that we can always count on the House MINORITY Leader, "San Fran" Pelosi to cheer us up. In a fund raising letter for her 2006 campaign (yes, that is for an election nearly 2 years away) Pelosi said, "Personally, I don't feel much like celebrating. So I'm going to mark the occasion by pledging to do everything in my power to fight the extremist Republican's destructive agenda."
First of all, this woman's entire political platform is an "Extremist destructive agenda", that calls for bigger government, higher taxes, more abortions on demand, and the destruction of the traditional family. Of course she can't celebrate, evil can never celebrate when good wins out.
Next, i want to point out that this woman looks like a deer in the headlights. She has the surprised look that most everyone else had when she was named MINORITY leader for her party.
And finally, i think people like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary "The Schrill" Clinton, Algore, and even Tom "Puff" Daschle are the best thing going for President Bush right now. They continue to show how out of touch with the heartland of America they really are, and pushes them to a ressurgent Republican party who is ready with open arms to welcome them home. I hope to hear more schrills from Hillary, and more screams from Howard Dean (Lord, please let him become the head of the DNC!), and more Tom Daschle like attacks from Kerry, Pelosi, et al in the next 4 years.
Not only will this assure another Republican White House victory in 2008, but it will no doubt increase our majority in both the House and Senate as well.

Congratulations President Bush for this much deserved 2nd term in office. May God bless you as you lead our country with faith in Him, and may God also bless America.
Today, i am proud to be an American!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

MRIW number next

Well, it's better late than never...unless, of course, you are some truth hating liberal hoping that i have fallen off the face of the earth. But fear not, i now bring you the latest edition of The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week.

Once again, there was so much i could run with this week, but nothing jumped out like me quite like the actions of the Madelyn Murray-O'Haire of my generation, America's newly elected favorite atheist, Michael Newdow.

As a recap, Michael Newdow became known about 3 years ago when the 9th Circus Court of Appeals in California (the land of Fruits and Nuts!), ruled in his favor in a case concerning the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegience. Mr. Newdow (falsely i might add) went into this case for the "good of his daughter" and sought to make the Pledge of Allegience illegal to be said in public schools due to those two horrible words mentioned earlier, apparently he believed this was causing much pain and anquish for the little girl.
Yet, if i recall correctly, the said daughter that was facing the so said "pain and anquish" from saying those 2 words, "under God" did not even live with her father, Mr. Newdow. In fact, the young Miss Newdow lives with her mother, who happens to be a born again evangelical Christian, as is the young Miss Newdow. Like i said, Mr. Newdow filed this suit under false claims.

Now Mr. Newdow has set his sights on the inauguration of President George W Bush. He is now claiming that the Christian prayer that is sure to be offered at the ceremony since President Bush is a professing Christian will be a cause of undue stress and injury to him as an atheist, and therefore goes against the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. This is so ridiculous that even the 9th Circus Court of Appeals has dismissed this ludicrous attempt to put a stop to a tradition that goes back at least 70 years, and can arguably be traced all the way back to the inauguration of George Washington in 1789.

In fact, it was President George Washington who said, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible" on September 17, 1796, while still serving in the office of President of the United States. It is also said that not only did Washington place his hand upon the Bible when he was sworn into office, he went as far as to kiss the Bible.
But these are facts that secularists like Michael Newdow would prefer to have removed from public knowledge. For people like Mr. Newdow, and Ms. O'Haire before him, they would prefer to rewrite history and the role that Christianity has played in making this the greatest nation upon God's green earth.

Should people like Michael Newdow succeed in their venture to secularize our society, and i already see shades of this taking place, we will cease to be as great as we once were...or could have been. God has indeed blessed America, because He and His Word were the primary agents in who we are today. So, i will pray that God would indeed choose to bless America again, and we stand for what is right, and stand upon the Word of God and our faith in a living Christ!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Welcome home Judge Lavergne

History was made in Louisiana yesterday when Baton Rouge Family Court Judge Luke Lavergne made the official switch on his voter's registration to the Republican party. This is the first time a black elected official in the state of Louisiana has switched parties to join the GOP.

Judge Lavergne says it was a "slow, evolutionary thought process" that led him to make this historic political move and says that the 2004 Presidential election helped him to decide to finally switch parties. Judge Lavergne feels that the Republican Party better reflects his core beliefs of family values and spirituality, according to The Advocate, Baton Rouge's daily newspaper. The Judge said, "It was a long time coming. I've been wrestling with the quesiton for several years now, but when I talked to my family and friends about it, they told me that if my values are best reflected by the Republican Party, then I'm already a Republican." He went on to add, "The Democrats no longer espouse those things or stand for those things" (Emphasis mine), and i cannot agree with him more on that point.

Showing that he is serious about this move Judge Lavergne also pointed out that the democrats are taking black voters for granted, and he also feels that the GOP philosophy of making people self reliant would better serve black people in the long run instead of the constant entitlements the democrats offer. The Judge has spoken, and he is correct in his assesment of the differences between the political right and the political left.

A spokesman for Louisiana democrats responded by saying this is likely an isolated incident and not the beginning of a trend, but i beg to differ. Once more prominent African-American leaders realize they no longer have to suffer under the burden of the democrat party, they will find the freedom they deserve to be the proud Americans God created them to be in the Republican Party.

Judge Lavergne, i join the rest of the Louisiana GOP in saying, "welcome home".

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

CBS fallout

For a very long time it has been apparent to those Americans who do not live their lives with their heads in the sand that the mainstream media has a solid leftist bias to it. While ABCNNBCBS has continued to venture out of the land of reporting news with integrity and into being political mouth pieces, a new media has risen led by conservative talk radio and the Fox News Channel.
Regardless of what history has shown, CBS and Dan Rather still had to take that one last effort to throw the 2004 election into the hands of their own people, and ran a false story using bogas "evidence" in an attempt to give President Bush a black eye, their own "October Surprise". This of course backfired, Dan Rather received the black eye and will be stepping down, and now CBS has fired 4 people who were behind the scenes of this scheme to steal an election; and the implosion has begun!

First of all, a CBS News Panel, working without any bias, of course (wink wink) said this concerning the Rather-gate incident, "The combination of a new '60 Minutes Wednesday' management team, great deference given to a highly respected producer and the network's news anchor, competitive pressures, and a zealous belief in the truth of the segment seem to have led many to disregard some fundamental journalistic principles."
Really, were some "fundamental journalistic principles" REALLY disregarded in their "zealous belife in the truth"? These people made up a story, used falsified documents and presented it to the people of the US and around the world just 2 months shy of a presidential election...and all they can say is "fundamental journalistic principles" disregarded? Are these people stupid? Do they think WE are that stupid? Here's some news for this CBS panel; Rather, Mapes, et al lied in hopes of changing the results of the presidential election. Everyone apparently is aware of that, except for you idiots!

CBS President Les Moonves seemed to rejoice after the said "investigation" (like i'm to believe that CBS REALLY looked into this) into the incident and said, "We are also gratified that the Panel, after extensive analysis and consideration, has found that, while CBS News made numerous errors of judgment and execution in this story, these mistakes were not motivated by any political agenda."
Yeah, right...no political agenda, just like Michael Moore doesn't have one either!

Mary Mapes, one of the 4 producers fired by CBS and a primary instigator of the Rather-gate incident says, "If there was a journalistic crime committed here, it was not by me. I am concerned that [the actions of CBS network chief Les Moonves] are motivated by corporate and political considerations -- ratings rathe rthan journalism."
Of course Mapes and Rather weren't motivated by any political considerations and just wanted journalistic integrity to be their goal. You can insert your own "wink" here.

I think that another CBS employee, David Letterman had the best view of the Rather-gate scandal with a recent Top 10 list: "Top Proposed Changes At CBS News":
10) Stories must be corroborated by at least two really strong hunches
9) "Evening News" pre-show staff cocktail hour is cancelled until further notice
8) Reduce "60 Minutes" to more manageable 15-20 minutes
7) Change division name from "CBS News" to "CBS News-ish"
6) If anchor says anything inaccurate, earpiece delivers an electric shock
5) Conclude each story with comical"Boing" sound effect
4) Instead of boring Middle East reports, more Powerball drawings
3) To play it safe, every "exclusive" story will be about how tasty pecan pie is
2) Not sure how, but make CBS News more like"C.S.I."
1) Use beer, cash and hookers to lure Tom Brokaw out of retirement

My guess is that the last one may be CBS's only hope at this point, unless they are willing to be bought out by Rupert Murdoch and let Fox News take over.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A new day for the Palestinians?

With the landslide victory of Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian elections for Prime Minister, they now have someone to fill in the very big shoes of deceased Terrorist-in-Chief Yasser Arafat. Many consider Abbas to be a "moderate", but the truth is, he is pretty much cut from the same ugly fabric that Arafat usually wore upon his head. Abbas claims that he wants to work with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to garner peace, and see a halt in terrorism; when in fact he would prefer that Israel not exist, and when push comes to shove, he (like Arafat) will work toward that goal.

So, in honor of this new day that has dawned (or is it more like the new day dawning in Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day"?), i present the following idea for a new Palestinian homeland:

The Palestinian Solution
The Palestinians, understandably, want a homeland of their own. So far, it doesn't seem chopping up Israel even smaller than it already is will be a satisfactory solution for either side. So why not give France to the Palestinians?
The French have already stated that nothing is worth fighting for. France certainly has more room, better irrigation and soil than the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. The houses are nicer, and tourists will visit, helping the economy. Plus, there are no pesky Israeli troops there for the Palestinians to hassle with.
Heck, the French won't even fight back ... and they may not even notice their country's gone. It's possibly the perfect solution!
But what about a name for this new "Franco-Palestine" territory?
May I humbly suggest calling it Frankenstine?

I wish i could take credit for this one, but i can't...so my hats off to the person who created it as well as a good Messianic Jewish friend who forwarded to me!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Oh, so much has happened over the last week, i almost don't know where to begin.
So i will say this, i think the most ridiculous thing i have seen yet in the past week was the sight of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) wiping a tear from her eye after she and Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) formally announced that they would object the certification of Ohio's 20 electoral votes won by President Bush on Election Day. These are the same 20 electoral votes that put President Bush well above the 270 electoral votes needed to win the electoral college and re-election to the White House. (Link to photo here: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/050106/480/dcgh10201061945 )

In case you have been under a rock, here is the synopsis. Since election day the dems, under the leadership of Jesse Jackson and Rep Tubbs Jones have been calling for recount after recount in OH, claiming that there were voting irregularities that took place; yet each recount assured the President's victory in the Buckeye State (most recent recout was over 118,000 votes in the President's favor). The blame for these "irregularities", according to the libs, falls into the lap of OH Secretary of State J Kenneth Blackwell, who has broken 2 cardinal sins: being black and being a Republican. Apparently, since the former Mayor of Cincinnati refused to sell his soul to the democrat party, he is "persona non grata" and should not have a political career what-so-ever. There is nothing worst to the DNC of 2005 than for a black American make something out of himself or herself without selling out to them first.

The irony of this is the fact that these "contested" counties where these "voting irregularities" took place on Election Day are controlled by democrats; from the County level (the persons actually over seeing the local election process), down to the precinct workers who did nothing about these "irregularities" when they had a chance. Instead of calling for the head of Secretary of State Blackwell, or seeking to tarnish the re-election of President Bush, they should be seeking to replace the idiots running the county election process in these problem counties of Ohio. But then again, that would mean placing the blame on those who are truly at fault, we can't have that with Jesse Jackson around, its ALWAYS got to be the fault of the Republican Party.

If Mrs. Boxer wants to shed a tear, let her, but let her shed tears for good reasons. Let her shed a tear for the way she and her party have constantly tried to subvert the Constitution of the United States on a regular basis since the election of President Bush in 2000. They used selective recounts and "voter intent" in an attempt to put Algore into the White House, and when that failed they attempted to hijack the Senate for 2 years with the help of "Jumping" Jim Jeffords (I-VT) in further attempts to undermind the President. Then, on top of this, they have consistently blocked the President's choices to fill in much needed judicial posts by once again trampling upon the Constitution that they have sworn to both obey and protect by not allowing these qualified men and women to be voted on and confirmed. And now they want to waste Senate time, and our tax money, to force their unneccesary propaganda upon the American people who are ready to move on and follow the leadership of President George W Bush. These are good reasons why she should be weeping.

But, then again, if this isn't enough, perhaps Mrs. Boxer should be weeping over the fact that this protest of the 2004 election may be her last hurrah. It appears solid Republicans like Dennis Prager and Michael Reagan are considering a run for her Senate seat, and either one of these fine gentlemen would be a much needed improvement to what the people of California have representing them now in the US Senate. If those tears are over what once was, meaning her political career, then they are falling for good reason.

Barbara Boxer and her tears, Liberal Implosion's Most Ridiculous Item of the week!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Good stuff on BlogSpot

I just wanted to pass on the link to a great read that i found from a fellow blogger today. I think he really does hit a very big nail on the very center of its head.
Here's the link: http://lifemore.blogspot.com/2004/12/clichs-and-assumptions.html

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Day 2005

With 2004 behind and the first day of 2005 rolling along, i really do have some mixed feelings at this time (BTW, it has nothing to do with LSU's last second loss in the Capital One Bowl either).

I'm seeing God at work in my life right now in new ways. For whatever reason, He has seen fit to bring tears to my eyes as i have looked back at the past and considered the future. Its really hard to explain why, i rarely cry, but it is a great feeling. Thank you God.

I look forward to 2005 with hope. The body of Christ, the sleeping dinosaur that has been beat on for so long, seems to be shaking itself awake in light of the attacks we have faced from the enemy behind forces like the ACLU, homosexual activists, and liberal theologians in general. I think the people of God are realizing that they have a voice, and collectively it is one that can be heard and should be heard.

I also have hope because of what God is doing in and through my life. He has placed me in a place of ministry that is not only going to be a challenge, but will cause me to bend and grow in ways i may not have expected. He is doing a great thing in this community, and i'm blessed to be a part of it.

On the political front, i'm encouraged by a republican majority in both houses of congress as well as in the White House. I'm hoping that we can see some advancement of what is right for this country over the next 4 years. The beating the media took over the last year has left them with some serious black eyes, that i hope they can see well enough through to jump on the bandwagon.

At the same time, my heart is still very heavy. Already they are expecting the death toll in Southeast Asia to reach 150,000. Just a few days ago they were saying as many as 25,000 deaths were expected...now that number is 6 times as high, and i don't think the disease and sickness deaths to follow are included in that. I have no idea why God allows things like this to happen, but i do know that He is sovereign, and He desires that none would be lost without a saving relationship with Him.

With that being said, i now offer my prayer for the New Year:

Father God, Abba, my All in all, my Hope and my Salvation, i praise you for you who are. You are a mighty God, an awesome God, and You are the faithful one. In and through all things, You have remained faithful, and you have not disowned yourself, as Your Word says. I lift up my hands to worship you, because you are worthy of praise.

Father, i thank you for 2004. You provided, you blessed, you worked in me and through me, in ways that i never imagined. When i was at my lowest, You were there to offer comfort and peace; it was by Your grace alone that i was able to stand at those times. When i felt like i had reached the pinnacle, i found that Your hand carried me there. Thank you for the place of service you have provided for me and my family, and thank you most of all for the salvation of my little girl and the honor of being able to baptize her. So, thank You for being You dear God.

And Lord, as i enter 2005, i have no idea what to expect, other than the fact that i know you are already ahead of me. I pray that i will trust Your heart during those times i can't see Your hands at work, and find my hope in You. I pray that i would trust You with all of my heart and allow You to direct all of my paths, and i do mean ALL of my paths.
I pray that i would surrender myself to You so that You can make me into an instrument of noble purposes, one that is useful to you. Take me Lord, break me and make me, let it be less of me and more of You. My prayer is that i would live a life that would be marked by excellence and would bring honor and glory to you in all that i attempt to do.

Father, above all else, move in a mighty way in my life in 2005, and when necessary, move me so that Your will might be done. It is not about me, but it is about You and Your Kingdom, and the privilege of being able to part of Your kingdom work.

I love you Lord, and i want to love you more and more each day. Thank you for a new day where Your mercies are made new, and thank You for a new year where i can not only serve you, but grow in my relationship with you. Thank you for the gift of tears, and the hope that i can only find in you.

Oh Lord, You're beautiful, And Your face is all i seek.
For when your eyes are on this child,Your grace abounds to me.

God, i'm in awe of what you are doing right now, so i surrender myself to You and Your will totally.