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Monday, October 29, 2007

Conduct Unbecoming

The following is a commentary from Charles Colson, head of the Prison Fellowship evangelistic ministry, former Nixon Administration official and a US Marine...

How America Treats Its Military
By Chuck Colson

One of the really formative experiences in my life was serving as an officer in the Marine Corps. I thought military service was an honorable profession, so much so that I urged my sons to consider military service-even though that was during the Vietnam War.

But after what I have been watching the past few months, I wonder if I would urge my grandsons to serve today.

One of the most disillusioning moments for me was when the New York Times ran that ad-at a discount, by the way-for MoveOn.org calling General Petraeus "General Betray Us." This honorable West Point graduate with a distinguished military career: We do this to him? Unbelievably, a resolution in the Senate to disavow the MoveOn.org ad war was opposed by all the leading Democratic presidential candidates.

Equally bad is what the Senate did to General Peter Pace. The majority leader-who, by the way, ran an elevator in the Capitol during the Vietnam War-accused this most decorated marine officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, of being incompetent. Senate leaders attacked Pace because he had the audacity to express his view that both adultery and homosexual behavior are morally wrong.

The mainstream press has also done its share of harm to our service members. As General Ricardo Sanchez said, as described in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece last Thursday, "What is clear to me is that you [referring to the media] are perpetrating the corrosive partisan politics that is destroying our country and killing our service members who are at war." He lashed out at Congress for rank partisanship, undermining the confidence of the troops.

The general also faulted the Bush administration for its handling of the war-which, by the way, was the only thing the New York Times reported from his speech.

This is what we have come to in America: slandering our generals and undermining-even endangering-our troops.

Our cultural and political leaders have forgotten, if they ever knew, that the willingness to sacrifice on behalf of others is why serving in the military is considered such a high calling-and a part of what makes just wars just. Thomas Aquinas in his classic Summa Theologica puts his discussion of just war in the chapter on charity-the love of God and neighbor.

And reformer John Calvin called the soldier an "agent of God's love" because "restraining evil out of love for neighbor is an imitation of God's restraining evil out of love for His creatures."

We are blessed that so many fine men and women are willing to wield the sword on our behalf in this country. But are we, in turn, willing to respect and honor those sacrificing for us? And if not, can we blame them if one day they decide to lay down their arms?

What kind of a world would this be if that happened? We would have a world where evil reigned unchecked by justice, and where the strong would be free to prey on the weak.

The problem is not with our service members who are serving us nobly and ably in Iraq; it is the political and cultural leaders who are dishonoring them. If most Americans share their attitude, then I say bring the troops home. Why should they risk their lives for an ungrateful nation?

If we want them to continue to lay down their lives to protect us, then I say it is time for the politicians and the media to get a hold of themselves and give our troops the respect, honor, and support that they deserve.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Post Debate Opining

OK, i caught a pretty good amount of the debate, missed the early part of it as a result of being at church tonight...so i thought i would just pass on a few thoughts.

* I'm not all that convinced that Rudy is the top contender, other than the fact that he has the name recognition among all of the candidates. He really has not impressed me or most people in these debates...yet he still leads the polls. Makes me wonder who is being polled.

* Why is Ron Paul still in there? He is a libertarian and needs to stick with that camp, and he can only manage 3-4% in most polls...yet he wins all of the un-scientific polls which allows anyone to vote as often as they want. Come to think of it, maybe he would make a better democrat on that end.

* McCain hit a homer with the KGB-Putin remark. He understands the seriousness of that situation and has earned a few extra marks.

* Fred Thompson needs to really make himself stand out more in terms of what he can do and wants to do. He has managed to stay consistent in both debates, but being consistent at not doing anything isn't a good thing.

* Mike Huckabee is benefiting the most from these debates and i think has moved into a top tier candidate as a result of them.

* Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are probably the two most consistently Ronald Reagan type Republicans, and sadly have no chance of winning. I hear them and i think "Yes, yes, YES!"...but they aren't able to garner the support that the more well known candidates have; and that really is a shame. Perhaps they need to consider dropping out and throwing their support and their philosophies behind another candidate.

* I like Mitt Romney, i really do...but his past may come back to bite him. Taking Hillary to task and pointing out her socialist views does help his stock a bit. He didn't hurt himself any in this debate, he really needs top stand out in the Iowa debate though.

I still can't say i have a favorite picked in this horse race, but i do know that my support is not behind Ron Paul or Rudy at this point, and i can't say it will happen either; although i do realize only one of them has a chance of winning the nomination.
No matter what though, our worst candidate is probably still a way better choice than anyone the dems can put up in November.

Thursday, October 18, 2007