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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Winners and Losers

OK, here is my summary of last night's election returns as the attorneys begin moving into place for the next few months of challenges. There were some big winners and some big losers, and here is my break down of each.

First of all, WINNERS:
* Joe Lieberman (I-CT), the newly re-elected Senator from CT ran as an Independent after his own party threw him to the wolves...and i hope that memory stays fresh in his mind. He is now the hottest free agent since Shaq in the NBA. Both sides will be offering him power positions for his vote, and personally, i think he needs to come to the other side of the aisle.

* The Mainstream media. Since 1994 they have been fighting to get their comrades on the left back into control of Congress and since 2000 to destroy President Bush. Now they are going to work at building up that legacy that Bill Clinton never had.

* Bobby Jindal (R-LA). Bobby Jindal is setting himself up for another run for the governor's office in LA by gaining over 80% of his district. After Katrina when Kathleen "Call me Babineaux only at Election Time" Blanco and the New Orleans Candy Man Ray Nagin were flipping out, Jindal was knee deep in water getting work done. He should have beat Blanco previously, and will probably pull it out next time.

* Leftist Special Interest Groups. With San Fran Nan Pelosi and her cohorts running the House, expect every freedom hating special interest group to suddenly have a say in Washington.

* Islamofascists. Think about this: "Of course Americans should vote Democrat," said Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity. Scary, huh?!?!

* Young Conservatives. I do think that young conservatives who are tired of the status quo now have an opportunity to rise up. We need another Republican Revolution, like we saw in 1994...but with a lot less grey hair and wrinkles. Don't get me wrong, i like Denny Hastert, but it's time for a new leader.

And now, let's consider some of the Losers:
* Hillary. Yep, Hillary is a loser in this one because the dems are going to so screw things up over the next 2 years that i don't think she will have ANY chance (or any other democrat) in 2008.

* Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN). A pretty good Congressman who was pretty conservative on a lot of issues left his House seat to run for Senate, and lost in a close race. This is probably good for him though, as i will point out later, because as a moderate/conservative democrat he will have no hope in a Pelosi led House.

* Conservative-Moderate Democrats. Newly elected Congressmen like Heath Schuler (NC) who is actually a conservative Christian and re-elected "Blue Dog Democrats" like Mike Ross (AR) and Charlie Melancon (LA) are basically "useful idiots" in the Pelosi led House. Their elections may have helped the dems gain control, but they have no hope of holding any position of influence unless they are willing to sacrifice their beliefs, morals and convictions at the San Fran Nan's alter.

* The State of MD. They had the opportunity to elect a great African American leader in Michael Steele, but gave in to the hate mongering and lies.

* The State of AR. Across the board dems elected to the highest offices in the state, along with 2 dem Senators and only one Republican in the House. There is little to no hope for those of us in this state who have morals and convictions.

* The US Economy. Already the stock markets are seeing a drop after this mess of an election built upon lies and deception. And once the dems start working to raise our taxes and increase spending...it won't be pretty.

* The United States of America. We are looking at a miserable 2 years because of the quagmire that Pelosi and her cohorts are going to create between now and 2008.

Well, the damage is done folks...let's knock the dust off, put some ice on our back sides from the kicking we just took and GET BACK INTO THE FIGHT! Like Eric Cantor (R-VA), one of the few re-elected Republicans in the House said, "This is a message from the voters that we really need to step up and reclaim the mantle of reform that propelled us to power 12 years ago."

Carpe Diem...Seize the Day!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election returns

Well, the election returns are still coming in, but it is already evident that the libs have won control of the House by running a bunch of moderate-conservative candidates as democrats. The sad thing is, all of these other wise good candidates are now going to have to pay for selling their soul to Satan...oops, i meant Nancy Pelosi.

Thankfully it looks like the GOP will maintain a small control of the Senate...but it will be so close that with the RINO's (Republicans In Name Only, like Olympia Snowe) running around, it might as well be in the hands of the dems.

So, without further ado...here is what our new House of Reps will look like for the next two years. Be afraid, yes, be VERY afraid.

Speaker of the House: San Fran Nan Pelosi (CA). The current House Majority Leader who has ruled for the last 2 years with an iron fist and demanding clear partisan politics (her own words). She has in the recent past called Republicans "corrupt" and "immoral" and called our Commander In Chief "incompetent". That's right, the best friend of Cindy Sheehan is running the show!

Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee: Charlie Rangel (NY). His goal is to get rid of all of President Bush's tax cuts that have clearly helped strengthen our economy and will push for higher taxes. Keep in mind this is the same Charles Rangel who tried to have the military draft reinstated last year and when asked if he would put tax increases on the agenda, responded with "No question about it."

Chair of the House Financial Services Committee: Bawney Fwank (MA), the Northeast's favorite homo with a lisp. Keep in mind that Barney Frank's political views are left of both Castro and the ACLU, and he almost makes Kerry/Kennedy look somewhat normal (ok, maybe not so much). Frank was also one of 3 no votes on the Fallen Heroes Act that made it illegal to protest within 500 feet of a fallen soldiers funeral. Now he is over our banking system...woo hoo.

Chair of the House Committee on Appropriations: David Obey (WI). His goal is to raise the minimum wage (and therefore raise the cost of living for everyone!), and cut funding on the war in Iraq.

Chair of the House Judiciary Committee: John Conyers (MI). This is the same John Conyers that set up a mock impeachment hearing in the Capital basement (on our tax dollars). Conyers has also specifically said there will be a lot of time (and once again, our tax dollars) spent on investigating the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq...with hopes of moving to a real impeachment hearing, no doubt.

Yeah...we have a lot of good to look forward to, now don't we? 2 years of nothing more than more political venom being spit out of the mouths of the democrats.
It will have nothing to do with the good of our country, but will have EVERYTHING to do with their hatred of President Bush and their own greed for power.

Should we also lose the Senate to these goofballs, and i'm praying that God would not choose to punish us in that way, i will also present potential leaders in that House also.

Yep, if we ever needed God back in our lives and our country, it is now!

Forget the elections!

This is far worst than any democrat take over of the House or Senate...Britney has filed for divorce form K-Fed as of today citing "irreconcilable differences". Say it isn't so! You can read the oh so sad news here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061107/ap_en_mu/spears_divorce_15

OK, maybe hearing "Speaker of the House Pelosi" tomorrow morning would be way worst, but at least we have some sort of humorous outlet in this!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Elections and buying

Seeing how the economy is doing SPECTACULAR (did you realize the Dow Jones has been over 12,000 for over a week now?!?!?) and the jobless rate is down to 4.4% as of today...you would think this would benefit the Republican majority in congress and the Bush Administration; but it's not. If you rely solely on the liberal and mainstream media, this news will either go unreported or buried in the middle of the news that no one really cares about. For this reason I thought I would repost a blog from Dec. 21, 2004 that shows the "Naughty and Nice" list from a sour-grapes pro-Kerry group that was bitter from the 2004 election loss. Which, by the way, Kerry seems to still be bitter from (personally i think the troops serving in Iraq are heroes and worthy of our support and thanks!).

This list, as verified by the Federal Elections Commission, showed how much money was donated by various groups to the 2 major political parties. I'm not suggesting a boycott, because i can't stand them, but this may be something you want to consider over the next few days and weeks as you make a purchase. Ask yourself...just how much of your hard earned money is going to support a leftist candidate that will only do more harm than good to our country.

With that being said, here is my reprint of "A 'Blue' Christmas" from 2oo4:

Well, it appears that the whiney liberals still haven't realized how out of touch with reality they truly are with the majority of the good old US of A. As if the Hollyweird bunch and their guilt money going to DNC causes wasn't enough to make us sick, now they are trying to encourage a boycott of businesses who have donated a larger portion of their profits to the good guys of the GOP than to the nitwits on the left. The "Buy Blue" website shows Santa wearing blue to match the blue states which were won by the losing candidate John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential campaign (a reminder that the MINORITY of states and people voted for Kerry) and provides their idea of "Naughty" and "Nice" businesses based on who gave money to which political party. Their "Naughty" businesses include Fruit of the Loom, Cintas, Dollar General and Russell Stovers who each gave 100% of their political donations to Republican causes or PAC's. Also included in this list of vendors and sellers that WE should frequent a lot more often now is Walmart, Kmart, Circuit City, JC Penney, Sears, May Dept stores, The Limited Brand, Saks, Home Depot, Amazon.com, Guess and the Electronics Boutique from the retail world; Outback Steakhouse, Darden Restaurants, Yum Brands, Brinker Intl, and Cracker Barrel make the list for recommended eateries; Holiday Inn, Marriott, and Hilton are must stay hotels; and the list winds up with BP, Exxon/Mobil, Chevron/Texaco, Safeway foods, Publix foods, Halmark Cards and 5 of the major airlines (Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, and American). Once again, each of these companies have been labled as "naughty" by the libs because the larger percentage of their political contributions went to Republican groups (at least 56%). I will also add that Target also donated about 72% of $289K to Republican causes, so i suggest giving them a little bit of a break after Christmas, in spite of the issue with the Salvation Army bell ringers being banned from their stores.
Now, for their "Nice" list, which i would refer to as the "Never allow them to see your hard earned money again" list. Calvin Klein, J Crew, Anne Klein, Skechers, Astrale E Terra Winery, Hardrock Cafe, Triarc Companies (TJ Cinnamons and Arby's), Sonic Drive-ins, Phoenix Gas and Oil, Starbucks, Aloha and Hawaii airlines lead this black list with 100% of their contributions going to democrat or liberal political groups and PACS. Also included in this who's who of worthlessness is Price Club/Costco (98% to DNC), Barnes and Noble (98%), Bed Bath and Beyond ( 97%), Sharper Image (92.4%), Hyatt Hotels (97.8%), Estee Lauder (91%), Jet Blue (74%), and my personal favorite from this list, Shell Oil (56%, yeah it's just the Republicans making money off of the petroleum business, huh?). This donation information comes from The Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission.