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Monday, August 21, 2006

Snake oil for sale!

*** This was originally posted on MySpace (yes, i do have a MySpace page...i'm a truly a geek and i truly need a life!) and throught it would be fitting to post here also. Enjoy!***

Let me first of all say, that i love when i see this type of stuff on TV...it is at the very least entertaining. At the same time, it does break my heart knowing that people fall for this type of garbage.

This morning i was flipping through the channels and came across "Pastor" Danny Davis (i use the term "pastor" lightly), and he was offering free "No evil oil" that has been prayed over for 17 days, and if you were to agree with him in prayer and rub the oil on the important things in your life (mainly wallet, check book, etc)...God would bring a miracle! Jalapeno, Glory Je to Bejus and Pass the Biscuits!

OK, first of all, this knuckle-head had a mullet. Given, it wasn't the bad Billy Ray Cyrus Achy-Breaky Heart type of mullet...and looked a little more like the one i had in college. But keep in mind that my college mullet was in 1989-1990 when they were "cool". Dude, it's 2006 and didn't they teach you seminary that "business in the front and party in the back" is no way to run your ministry? OH WAIT! This guy has probably never seen the inside of a seminary, a systematic theology book or the vast majority of his Bible either!

Which takes me to my next point...bad theology verses Biblical theology. Not that i'm an expert, but i have been blessed enough to have studied under some of the top names in theology and church history, and i try to glean from their wisdom and knowledge as often as possible when i do ministry. "Prophet" Davis (as one of his adoring fans referred to him) loses any hopes of being theologically accurate as soon as he picks out his first proof text. In fact, i saw him holding a Bible, i saw him saying "This holy book tells us...", but i NEVER saw him actually read a single verse which means it would have NEVER been read in context either!

This nitwit's goal is to make money. Yes, he gives his "No evil oil" away for "free", but i'm sure you don't get off the phone until you "sow a seed of faith" into his ministry. And all he talks about is financial and physical blessings. If he truly was a God ordained and God called and God inspired prophet (who is called to proclaim truth) he would be calling people unto salvation. Did i hear salvation? NO! Do i ever hear salvation from these nitwits? NO!
I don't care if they are giving away no evil oil, green prayer cloths or miracle spring water...they don't care about the salvation of the soul! They are looking out for their pocket books and wanting to pad them a little more.

It will be a sad day for people like this when judgement day comes. I really do feel sorry for them.

And next time you see one of this couyon's on TV...change it to the View, even they make more sense (scary thought, huh?)

Be God's!


Joshua Lowe said...

Hey, I'm from LA too, but Shreveport, further north.

I actually called in to order this "no evil oil" on a dare from friends (who tivo'ed the whole laughable program). It was a recording asking for my name, address, etc. so "pastor" danny davis could RUSH my FREE no evil oil to me.

Well, two weeks later, I get a letter from the "Calvary Church" in CA. My "prayer partner" Danny Davis wrote to me and included a piece of cloth that I was to write my financial needs on and mail back to him along with my donation of money. He also included about 10 drops of green-colored "money oil" to annoint my wallet with. And, he informed me that he had 3 AMAZING prophesies to share with me, but he wanted to know I was serious about my faith...and to send him money.

What a rip... I didn't even get my no evil oil :(

Revbeaux said...

Dued, that is too funny!
thanks for passing that on to me, if you don't mind i'm going to put it on my myspace blog too!

Anonymous said...

I've recently gotten two letters (both came this week) from Calvary Church. One contained the "no evil oil", which was also called the "blood red oil of Christ" (strangely, it was magenta). The other contained a magical Biblical coin replica that was made out of plastic, had "China" printed on it, and apparently is considered evil by the underground pirate community (don't ask). To show my faith I was to donate 20 dollars for the oil or 100 dollars for the coin.

I'm not Christian, but these people offended me. I cannot see how they can be Christian either, as their actions are sincerely blasphemous to the Christian faith. I really cannot fathom how anyone could fall for this nonsense, but no doubt, there will be people out there who do. I'm currently looking to see if there is a current investigation by the FBI surrounding them. I'm pretty sure there was one several years ago, when they were sending out magical "prayer cloths", a.k.a. slightly better-than-average-quality pieces of paper. (They must have taken a blow to their budget since then.)

boBByd said...

I do hope you don't let this distract your searching if you are looking into the claims of Christianity...because this is not what true Biblical Christianity is about. Sadly people have probably made money on God in some shape, fashion or form since the beginning of time; and in doing so only moved people further and further from him. I had forgotten i had posted this blog, thanks for checking it out!

The real deal said...


I worked with Danny Davis and know that it was only a matter of time before this came out on him. Talk about gimmicks galore. Praying over the macic prayer cloths??? yeah right. More like sipping martini's in Palms Springs is more like it. He works with Peter Popov who helps him with his phony letters that he sends in the mail.

Stick to the Bible. Jesus doesnt need gimmicks....