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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Bowl-A-Mania in Triplicate!

Christmas is come and gone, and now the big New Years celebration is right around the corner where we get a week’s worth of BCS mayhem…with some really questionable games thrown into the mix. I think I would rather see some of these bowl games eliminated rather than a playoff system at this point; but who am I other than a football fan…like I really matter!

Here is a recap of the 2nd set of picks.
• Motor City Bowl: I still think FAU got screwed getting sent from FL to Detroit in December, but they did win and I didn’t have to watch it! WIN!
• Meineke Car Care Bowl: Close game with WVA pulling out, congrats! 2-0 this week.
• Champs Sports Bowl: Bobby and his boys beat the Madison Reds…3-0
• Emerald Bowl: Miami didn’t win…I’ll leave it at that, 3-1
• Independence Bowl: Bulldogs win a bowl game for the first time since 1980, 4-1
• PapaJohns.com Bowl: I got sushi, eel rolls! And somebody won, I think Rutgers won…I call it a win, 5-1
• Alamo Bowl: Cousin Chase (who knows, we might be related!) and the Tigers from Mizzou pull it out in the end, 6-1
• Humanitarian Bowl: Blue turf…7-1.

This takes my total so far to 10-5 for this bowl season. Now on to more picks!

• Texas Bowl, Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX
Not sure how but Rice managed to get into a bowl game after fielding a 9-3 record, which is generally opposite of their typical record of 3-9 and will be taking on the Western Michigan Broncos with a matching record. These regional MI teams are the only ones that the University of Michigan managed to beat this year while Rice is a grain served best in a bowl of gumbo.
MY PICK: Rice has a home field advantage, but to be honest…who cares? I’ll pick Rice just because.

• Holiday Bowl, Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA
Oklahoma State brings a 9-3 record and losses to the power players of the Big 12 into San Diego to play Donald and the Boys from Oregon, who also bring a 9-3 record out of the Pac 10. Big 12 teams like the Cowboys have no defense, and Pac 10 teams like the Ducks have no defense either…should be a basketball score.
MY PICK: My secretary is an OSU graduate, Go Cowboys!

• Armed Forces Bowl, Amon G. Carter Stadium in Ft Worth, TX
This edition of the Bell Helicopters Peace Thru Superior Fire Power Bowl matches up the United States Air Force Academy with an 8-4 record against the Houston Cougars with a 7-5 record. Air Force is known for high powered offense and Houston is known for…well, there was David Klingler a long time ago.
MY PICK: God Bless the USA! USAF, Go Falcons!

• Sun Bowl, Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, TX
Pittsburg travels southwest from the Big East to face off against the Oregon State Beavers from the PAC 10. OSU did beat USC this year, and I applaud them for that since I hate USC…and Pitt is the alma mater of Dan Marino and Tony Dorsett. Both teams started miserably and rebounded in the end, but fell short.
MY PICK: The Beavers lost 3 big road games this year, I’ll hold my breath and take Pitt.

• Music City Bowl, LP Field in Nashville, TN
Vandy is in their first bowl game since 1982 and only the 4th one ever and get a home date thanks to their 6-6 record to take on the Boston College Eagles coming out of the ACC with a 9-4 record. I so want to cheer on the Commodores, but they are Vandy…and their purpose is to help raise the overall academic standards of the SEC, not win football games. And they are also facing off against the runners up in the ACC who barely lost to Virginia Tech in the conference title game.
MY PICK: Sympathy goes to Vandy, but common sense says pick BC, I’ll go with common sense.

• Insight Bowl, Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ
After going 1-11 last year the Golden Gophers head south from Minnesota with a much improved 7-5 record to face off against last year’s Big 12 Cinderella, Kansas with a matching record. I still think Kansas is a basketball school, but they are apparently learning how to play football.
MY PICK: The state of Minnesota may have elected a stupid SNL “comedian” (I use that term loosely) to replace a find Senator…Go Jayhawks!

• Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA
My beloved Bayou Bengals fell well short of their BCS National Championship hopes and finished a lowly 7-5, losing many games as a result of not having a QB who can throw to the right player. They face off this year against the Wramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech, who bring a national ranking of 14 and a 9-3 record into this year’s match-up of the SEC and ACC. The Jackets finished strong with a win over in state rival Georgia while the Tigers dropped a heart breaker in Little Rock against the Pigs from Fayetteville in the last game of the season.
MY PICK: I am by no means a fair weather fan, but think the Tigers would have been better off staying home and finding them a QB for next year…but I will pick them none the less. Geaux Tigers!

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