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Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to get things going again

I lost my father right after the new year, he suffered a stroke and then passed away less than 2 weeks later. This threw my world into a bit of a spin, and to add to it illness and deaths in the church i serve and my own son being hospitalized with flu symptoms...this blog has been the least of my worries. But after watching the administration of President B.O. continue to make a mockery of the White House and this Congress trample upon the Constitution, i think it is time to get going again.

I was more than willing to give this President and his cronies in Congress ever benefit of the doubt, and it only gives me more doubts. Between the tax cheats being nominated for cabinet posts and Barney Frank and company ripping the 1st and 14th Amendments out of the law of the land...i can no longer be silent. Beginning to day i will begin posting once again, many of these posts have also been posted on Facebook, but will get reposted here also.

For the time being i will remain here on Blogger, but will consider moving to another service, like Wordpress, in the future.

God bless America, and thank God for free speech!

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