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Monday, February 11, 2008

Enforcing Liberal Orthodoxy

Open mouth, insert donkey's hoof seems to be the reasoning behind the latest move made by the Democratic National Committee.

A bit of background is needed. The Party of the Donkey doesn't choose a nominee the way the GOP does... not only to the voters get to vote, but, in a move straight out of Mao or Lenin's Communist Party, the Party Members get two votes... one in their state primary, like all good citizens, and another one at the Convention; they're called "superdelegates." I guess the Donkeys don't want to leave the choice of the direction of the party up to, you know, the "little people."

Now comes the insert hoof part. Senator Joe Lieberman, who is a reliable lefty on basically every domestic policy, has been stripped of "superdelegate" status for the awful crime of (gasp) endorsing a Republican! And of course, this comes after the same Party of the Donkey kicked him out because he (gasp) supported the war in Iraq!

Just more evidence that the lefties support free speech only when it agrees with the Party Line.

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Anonymous said...

I have a simpler explanation. Lieberman is not a Democrat. He left the Party of the Donkey in 2006 when he lost the Democratic senate primary. Since then, he has officially been an Independent.
Why would the Democrats invite someone to be a delegate who is not even a member of the party?

Yours truly,

Doc Washboard

Revbeaux said...

Lieberman is a life long democrat until the party decided to abandon him in the most recent election because he stood for what is right rather than bowing down at the alter of Reid and Pelosi...as a result he had to run as an independent to remain in the Senate. Kudos to Sen. Lieberman for that.

And as for losing the superdelegate status, it's the democrats loss. The party of the donkey acts like the north bound end of a north bound donkey...and they get what they deserve.